Wilderland Adventures – Seven Adventures for AME

With the huge success of Adventures in Middle-earth Player's and Loremaster's Guides, we're getting ready to supply you with what you need next to enjoy the world of The Hobbit™ and Lord of the Rings™ : adventures!
Wilderland Adventures is available for pre-order now. It features seven brilliant adventures by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan that have been tried and tested for Adventures in Middle-earth's sister game, The One Ring Roleplaying Game, and which have now been carefully converted to Adventures in Middle-earth OGL rules.

The seven adventures can be played individually, or as a linked campaign as our new-found company of heroes battles a darkness rising in Wilderland. Played as a campaign this is a tour de force expedition across the region. You'll meet familiar faces, experience the horrors of Mirkwood, meet ancient Elves, drink ale with Hobbits, defeat Goblins, resolve familial disputes, explore ancient ruins, fight a pitched battle and travel far, far North into the Waste, where dragons dwell...

With titles this popular we've found it best to collect pre-orders for a little while before we make the supplement available. That way we know how many to print, and we can send everyone their PDF at the same time. We're anticipating the PDF will be available in April, with print to follow as soon as possible.

You can pre-order Wilderland Adventures at our web store, and get the PDF free as soon as it is released. Once the PDF is out, you'll also be able to get it free with any pre-order at a Bits and Mortar participating game store.

Meanwhile, there's good news if you've pre-ordered the Loremaster's Guide. Copies are in our UK warehouse, and they're getting ready to head out to you over the coming weeks. There's a huge amount of orders to process, so bear with us!

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