Who’s your Favourite Classic Doctor Who Monster?

This week we've been showing off some of the cards from the Classic Doctors Edition of Doctor Who: The Card Game, including those voted for as your favourite Doctor and companion. In today's blog, we show off some of the Doctor's most iconic enemies - the Cybermen - as well as ask you which classic foe is your favourite too!

Doctor Who: The Card Game Classic Doctors Edition is a complete, standalone game with all new card art, materialising soon on Planet Earth in a silver-foil-stamped box.

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We're not too proud to admit it - ever since we were little, we've often found ourselves watching Doctor Who from behind the sofa, hiding from whatever terrifying foe the Doctor found himself facing that week.

We got the privilege of revisiting some of the favourite episodes (and monsters) from our childhood when it came to picking which enemies to feature in the Classic Doctors Edition of Doctor Who: The Card Game - and are still not too proud to admit that some of them scared us all over again.

Doctor Who Classic Card Spoilers3

The Doctor has fought many incarnations of the Cybermen over the years - ever since his first incarnation encountered them in The Tenth Planet. We spent a long time arguing in the office over which model of the Cybermen to include, before Jon and Scott decided to paint four of them! For added authenticity, you'll note that the earlier models have been painted in black and white - many of the cards from the earliest era of the show are included in black and white too, which we think adds to the nostalgic feel!

Who's your favourite foe or monster from the Classic era of the show? Head on over to Twitter, G+ or Facebook and use the hashtag #doctorwhocardgame to tell us! We'll share the cards for some of your favourites next week.



About Doctor Who: The Card Game Classic Doctors Edition

Doctor Who: The Card Game Classic Doctors Edition contains 132 cards, 103 of which have unique illustrations on them, all new to this edition. It includes the first eight incarnations of the Doctor, as well as many of their companions, enemies and locations too! It’ll be available to preorder soon.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same game/set of rules as Doctor Who: The Card Game 1st and 2ndEditions?

Yes, the rules of the game are the same as Doctor Who: The Card Game 2nd Edition, including the 2-player variant. The card art is entirely new, however.

How many cards are in the set?

There 132 cards in the set, all of them with new artwork.

Can I shuffle this and the other games together?

Yes, or you could mix and match cards from between the different editions too. The card backs are subtly different, but this won't affect the game itself.

When is it coming out?

The Classic Doctors Edition will be available to pre-order soon, and will be in stores Winter 2015.

I want to make sure you send me a copy as soon as possible. Can I pre-order?

Yes of course! You'll be able to pre-order the game from our webstore soon, as well as in all good games shops.


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