Victoriana Week – The Spring Heeled Menace


Cover by Andrew Hepworth

The Spring Heeled Menace is a free penny dreadful (adventure) for Victoriana by Victoriana Line Developer Walt Ciechanowski.

The Spring-Heeled Menace is an invitation into the seedier side of the Smoke; the adventurers take the case of a hermeticist waylaid in Whitechapel in order to recover his lost cane. Unbeknownst to the adventurers that cane hides a secret! This penny dreadful is designed for almost any association, but is particularly suitable for associations with an investigative bent.


You can grab the free scenario here: http://www.rpgnow.com/product/119582/The-Spring-Heeled-Menace  We here present a selection of images from the free PDF - pre-generated characters and NPCs. All art by Scott Purdy:

BrutusGarth MirandaPeterSinjaiThomasVictor Richard Henry Characters Catherine


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