Victoriana Week – The Devil in The Dark


The Devil in the Dark - In this 23 page Penny Dreadful for Victoriana 3rd Edition, the adventurers are hired by Sir Travis Duquesne to investigate the strange happenings at a Midlands coal mine.

The Devil in the Dark is designed for a group of beginning adventurers (or those with only one or two penny dreadfuls under their belts and corsets) of any investigative Association. The Havering Household, the Selenium, the Spiritual Repose and Willowpin & Associates would be most suitable, and with a little finessing the Metropolitan Police, Aetheric Branch and the Star Chamber would also make fine choices.
Originally published as a Victoriana First Edition Penny Dreadful, The Devil in the Dark has been expanded and revised for the third edition of Victoriana. It was originally intended to be incorporated into Streets of Shadow, but we couldn’t fit it in due to space limitations. The Devil in the Dark stands on its own as a complete Penny Dreadful.

Written by Scott Rhymer and Walt Ciechanowski, illustrated by Scott Purdy and Andrew Hepworth.

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