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This week at Cubicle 7 we're going to be shining a light on one our favourite C7 roleplaying games, Victoriana!  We'll be taking a look at last year's 3rd Edition corebook,  revisiting Streets of Shadow, our first supplement release for this 3rd Edition, checking out the free and inexpensive PDF adventures for Victoriana, and looking forward to the opening of pre-orders for Liber Magica.

So what is Victoriana?

A world of high adventure and intrigue in an age of sorcery and steam!

The year is 1856 and the world roils in the unseen conflict between Order and Entropy. As technology marches forward the Celestial Engine moves ever faster, and all our fates grow more precarious. Now is the time to act decisively and boldly, to seize control of your destiny and impose your will upon the world.

Your adventures will take you into an alternate history infused with fantasy and esoteric steam technology. Aerostats float across the sky as noble Eldren chat with industrial Dwarfs. The Age of Magic may be long gone, but the Guild keeps its embers alive while technologists create extraordinary mechanical marvels.

Travel with the British East India Company to make your fortune in competition with Dutch merchants for control of the tea trade. Join the petty conjurers that support social revolution while the government calls on gentleman hermeticists to counter them. Explore uncharted lands and uncover relics and evils buried since the Great Flood. Follow your conscience and help the poor and powerless against those that would prey upon them. Wage war against the demons that have seduced the aristocracy and threaten to tear the Empire apart!


Art from Victoriana 3rd Edition by Pat Loboyko. Click to enlarge.

Victoriana offers an enormous and diverse game world deeply imbued with Victorian period feel, gothic fantasy magic and steampunk engineering.

Streets of Shadow

Streets of Shadow CoverOur first print release for Victoriana 3rd Edition was Streets of Shadow in December  - a collection of linked scenarios to get your adventures started in the world of Victoriana.

There are dangers lurking in the shadows of the Smoke – and some of the most dangerous are stirring at the wrong time. With the War in the Crimea going badly for the British, the rumour of conscription has sent anarchists into the street. Against the backdrop of social unrest and increasing danger a web of troubles grows, culminating in a fearsome threat to the entire city.

Streets of Shadow is a six-adventure campaign that takes the characters from a case of kidnapped children to rumours of dragons and sinister threats to London itself, all woven together in a web of coincidence and connection. Three of the adventures have been previously published, but are now fully compatible with Victoriana Third Edition Core Rulebook and integrated with the other adventures in the campaign.

You can grab one of the Streets of Shadows scenarios- The Hound of Hate - absolutely free right now:

Streets of Shadow Chapters-5

Click to download the free PDF

Speaking of PDFs we've also released The Spring Heeled Menace and The Devil in the Dark in PDF.  We'll come back to those, so stay tuned.

We'll also be showing off more Victoriana goodness on our various social media sites this week, so keep an eye on those:


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