Unconventional Diplomacy: Diplomatic Flashpoints

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We’ve talked quite a bit about the six new scenarios in the latest Laundry supplement, Unconventional Diplomacy (we’ve even put one up for free download here), but one thing we’ve not mentioned are the six shorter adventure seeds that line developer and author Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan wrote for the appendix of the book, titled Diplomatic Flashpoints.

As Gareth explains:

The appendix gives briefings on several potential flashpoints where the Laundry’s Unconventional Diplomacy section might send the player characters. In each case, the mission is not to thwart a Mythos threat, but to keep the Mythos threat content and compliant so it signs on the dotted line. (At least, that’s the starting point: if a cosmic horror won’t come to the negotiating pentacle in good faith, then the PCs may need to apply the big stick end of diplomacy and banish the horror instead.)"

These briefings are all formatted like an in-world briefing document, so they can all be handed directly to the players as handouts to kick off a new adventure. We’ve put the first of these, FISHING BOAT BLUE, up for free.


Click to download FISHING BOAT BLUE.

This flashpoint concerns the upcoming Scottish referendum for independence and, obviously taken with the idea, Gareth’s written an extra scenario synopsis concerning none other than Nessie herself over on our forums.


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