The One Ring: Ruins of the North Preview 3 and Golden Geek Awards

In a moment we’re going to present our third preview of Ruins of the North, the next supplement for The One Ring Roleplaying Game, with a first look at the gorgeous wraparound cover artwork by Jon Hodgson.

But first, we’re delighted to be nominated for two Golden Geek awards over at BoardGameGeek for the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space Limited Edition, and for The One Ring Roleplaying Game. We’d really appreciate the support if you go and vote for them!

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Ruins of the North Cover Wrap1200

Ruins of the North by Jon Hodgson - click on the image to see it full size!

Although we've shown off the cover for our forthcoming adventure anthology for The One Ring, Ruins of the North, before, we've never shown off Jon Hodgson's full wraparound artwork - until now! We asked Jon to say a few words about it:

The cover for Ruins of the North was a real treat to paint. The basic idea was a simple one – a company of our iconic player-heroes exploring one of the titular ruins of the North. Sometimes you want the cover to directly reflect what’s inside. Other times you might just tease at the contents.

We decided to echo the ruins of the South detailed in The Lord of the Rings with the fallen head of a statue. Fallen grandeur is one of the key themes within The Lord of the Rings, and that’s very strongly felt in Ruins of the North, and indeed Arnor itself, with its proliferation of spirits and abandoned places.

In this image it also provides a distraction from what we see if we turn the cover over – some rather nasty-looking eyes and hands emerging from the entrance on the back cover. Frida (the woman of Lake-town in the foreground) knows the score though.”

You can find the first two previews here and here.

About Ruins of the North


Children kidnapped in the night, unusually cunning Trolls, a mysterious caravan, the fate of a company of Hobbits, the legacy of the Dúnedain and an evil awakening beneath the barrows – six new stories set in the ancient land of Eriador. Six adventures that need a company of heroes to undertake them.

Ruins of the North contains six ready-to-play adventures, complete scenarios that can be played separately or as an epic series spanning a number of years. All adventurers are set in the years prior to 2977, and take place in the lands surrounding Rivendell.

Ruins of the North complements the background and rules material contained in the Rivendell supplement, the latest supplement for The One Ring Roleplaying Game based upon The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, the world-renowned masterpieces written by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Ruins of the North is written by Francesco Nepitello, James R. Brown, Adam Dials, Richard Harrison, TS Luikart, Marco Rafala and James M. Spahn.

The pre-order for Ruins of the North is coming soon - keep an eye on the website for more information as it draws near.


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