The Lone Wolf Adventure Game – A Look at the Books

The Lone Wolf Adventure Game is our new introductory roleplaying boxed set. The print version is now available to pre-order from our from our webstore, and the PDF version is available to buy from DrivethruRPG and RPGNow. Pre-orders both on our webstore and at participating Bits & Mortar retailers come with a complementary PDF copy too.

The boxed set contains everything you need to get playing right away, including three books – The Book of Kai Legends, The Book of Kai Training and The Book of Kai Wisdom – alongside ready-made character sheets, cardboard tokens, handouts and reference charts for use during play. Today we’re going to take a look at all three books.

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LWAG 3 booksThe Book of Kai Legends (80 pages) is the best place to start. This book contains two complete adventures – The Lost Caravan and ’Onward Till Dawn – each of which is designed you to the world of Magnamund as well as to teach you the rules as you play.
Kai Legends PDF 6 and 7

Kai Legends PDF 72 and 73

There’s no need to prepare anything in advance either – just gather a group of players, pass round the character sheets and start reading the first adventure. The adventures are structured to introduce new rules as you play through them, and all the information is presented in a clear, easy to follow format that uses icons to prompt the Narrator to do or say something.

And, once you’ve played through both adventures, there’s a whole chapter about Creating Your Own Stories. This chapter provides all sorts of advice for the Narrator, from how to keep the spotlight on the heroes and keeping the pace up, to when a player should retire their hero. This chapter also includes five adventure seeds too, which act as inspiration for the Narrator to create his own adventure from.

The Book of Kai Training (64 pages) is a great guide for a new player, as it describes what an adventure game is, explains the basic rules of the game, and introduces the world of Magnamund. It contains a whole chapter about the Kai Order, explaining what a Kai Lord is, what training they undergo, what daily life is like in the monastery and more besides.
Kai Training 8 and 9
Kai Training 14and15By far the largest chapter of the book is Creating your own Character. This chapter contains all the rules for making a Kai Lord from scratch, step by step. It also contains rules for all of the Kai disciplines too, as well as providing guidance for which ones to pick, and why.

Kai Training 28and29

This chapter also introduces the concept of Master-level rules too, which are optional rules that can be ignored by a new player, but can be seemlessly slotted in by more experienced gamers. In the case of character creation, the Master-level rules offer a whole new dimension to Kai Lord characters with the addition of skills and traits to further personalise them.

The Book of Kai Wisdom (96 pages) is a good book for the Narrator to read after his first adventure, as it contains all of the rules of the game in one place. It’s the largest of the books too and is absolutely packed with different options you can add in when you’re ready, plenty of helpful examples, hints and tips and loads of background about Magnamund.
Kai Wisdom 10and11 As with the Book of Kai Training, this book provides both the basic, Initiate-level rules, and then provides plenty of Master-level options for increasing the complexity of the game to suit the tastes of a more experienced group, such as fighting techniques, weapon qualities and campaign play.

Kai Wisdom 30 and 31

As well as rules, the Book of Kai Wisdom also contains plenty of information about the world of Magnamund and its denizens, complete with a bestiary of friends and foes. The bestiary includes such infamous foes familiar to readers of the Lone Wolf books, such as the winged Kraan and the shape-shifting Helghast. The book is rounded off by the Magnamund Gazetteer, complete with a chronology of the world and background for the kingdoms that make up the Lastlands.
Kai Wisdom 90 and 91

In each of the books, at the bottom of almost every page, you’ll also find a box out devoted to helping new gamers out, containing advice on what to do in the game, offering up handy tips for both the players and the Narrators, explaining the rules in more detail or providing additional examples.

We want this game to be as accessible and easy to learn as possible, and have gone out of our way at every turn to help new gamers. Come back tomorrow when we’ll be having a look at this aspect of the game in more detail!

If you'd like to see all of these sample pages in one place for easy reading, you can grab them in the free, all in one Lone Wolf Adventure Game Sampler PDF here.

You can pre-order the physical edition (expected August 2015) here, or buy the PDF version here.



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