The Evolution of Primeval

primeval-evolution-cover-400When we released the Primeval Roleplaying Game, the book explicitly set out to cover series 1-3 of the show, with advice, rules and campaign frameworks for running games set in that period. At the time, we promised that we’d cover series 4-5 in a later supplement, and with the game’s latest supplement, Primeval Evolution, hitting gaming stores this week, we’ve done just that.

Not only does Primeval Evolution give you all the tools you’ll need to play games set during series 4 and 5 – including updated character profiles, new characters and locations, as well as campaign frameworks to fit the style of series 4 and 5 – but it also provides a guide to every episode in the last two series too.

This makes it both interesting and informative as a reference guide to fans of the show, as well as indispensable to Gamemasters. Each episode guide is accompanied by a selection of ‘further adventures’, plot hooks and adventure seeds inspired by the episode that a Gamemaster can use in their own games.

Couple this with the vast array of monsters previously introduced in Primeval's first supplement, Primeval Companion, and it’s going to be a while before a Gamemaster runs out of plots and dinosaurs to throw at his players!

And, because Primeval is powered by the Vortex System – the same system used by Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space and Rocket Age – Gamemasters of those games will find the information, rules and monster stats in all the Primeval books useful too, for when the TARDIS winds up in the Jurassic era or a rocket ship crashes onto some primordial world populated with prehistoric monsters!

Primeval Evolution is available in stores now, as well as on our own webstore. You can also get the PDF here.


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