The Day of The Doctor!

Today is The Day of the Doctor! With the 50th Anniversary episode due to hit screens around the world this evening (UK time) Cubicle 7 are in attendance at The Doctor Who Celebration weekend at the ExCel in London.  We're all very excited to see what will unfold in the anniversary episode, and we've been playing a whole lot of Doctor Who Card Game and Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space to celebrate.


The Doctor Who Card Game, designed by Martin Wallace was the recipient of this year's prestigious Origins Award for best traditional card game.  The game has been hugely popular, reaching stores worldwide.  Players take the role of The Doctor and his companions defending familiar territories from the show whilst simultaneously playing adversaries against their opponents' territories.  It's a blast to play, and can be enjoyed at a simple "light" level, as well as offering deeper opportunities for strategic play. As your hand finishes you pass your unplayed cards to the player that precedes you in the order of play.  Just the kind of timey-winey stuff you'd expect from a Doctor Who card game.  You can download the rules booklet free here.

Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space is our multi-award winning Doctor Who roleplaying game.  Winner of the Best Family Game at the ENnie awards in 2013, this beautiful boxed set allows you and your friends to take the role of the Doctor and his companions or characters of your own devising as you pursue adventure through Time and Space.  With everything you need to leap into roleplaying this is the perfect place to start as a new player, or explore the Whoniverse as a more established role-player.

We produce a host of exciting supplements for Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space.  The Time Traveller's Companion scooped multiple ENnies this year.

We're also busily working our way through every incarnation of the Doctor over the last 50 years in our Doctor Sourcebooks.

Right now our friends at DrivethruRPG are offering a bundle deal on the PDF version of Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space along with some other Who products.  It's a great deal, and strictly time limited, so don't miss out!

Soon we'll be opening pre-orders on our very special Limited Edition of Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space.  For the first time in a single, hardcover volume this will be a beautiful, prestige, deluxe edition and a must-have for all fans of the game.  We'll let you know as soon as pre-orders go live.
We hope you enjoy the Day of the Doctor as much as we all will, and hope if you're at the ExCel this weekend you'll swing by and say hello. We're at booth DW4.  Happy Birthday Doctor Who!


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