The Curse of Nineveh Campaign Sent to Kickstarter Backers

If you backed our Cthulhu Britannica: London Kickstarter at any reward level, you’ll have received a rather hefty Friday treat in your inbox this afternoon – the first of our stretch goals, a PDF of The Curse of Nineveh.

The Curse of Nineveh is a new 224-page campaign for Call of Cthulhu 7th edition set in London in 1925, written by a fantastic team of authors. If you missed out on the Kickstarter, don’t worry – you’ll be able to pre-order your own copy very soon indeed.

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In The Curse of Nineveh, the investigators find themselves embroiled in the events that surround the return of the expedition from the Temple of Nabu in Nineveh and the terrible curse that they brought back with them. They must face shadowy watchers, a nefarious criminal mastermind and race against time to stop an ancient plan from being fulfilled – a plan that threatens not only London, but the whole British Empire!

We’ve worked with a great team of writers for this one – Mike Mason (line editor for Call of Cthulhu at Chaosium), Paul Fricker (who wrote Call of Cthulhu 7th edition), Scott Dorward (our own line developer for World War Cthulhu) and Mark A. Latham (former editor of White Dwarf and novelist) – so you know it’s going to be top notch.

Although it’s designed so it can be played on its own with just a copy of Call of Cthulhu, it really comes into its own with a copy of Cthulhu Britannica: London, allowing you to really bring 1920s London to life around the gaming table! The campaign is no small affair either – at 224 pages and seven scenarios long, there’s plenty of mystery and horror to keep your investigators busy for a good while yet.

We thought we’d take a look at the scenarios that make up the campaign – without giving too much away, of course!


Ancient Echoes, by Mike Mason – A horrific murder, a mysterious statuette and a secret expedition returned from Iraq kick the campaign off, confronting the investigators with the Curse of Nineveh. Can they solve it before the curse claims them too?

That Which Was Broken, by Mike Mason – The investigators are asked to look into a series of unexplainable, impossible thefts of antiquities, and find out that danger not only lurks in the shadows – but is the shadows!

Bedlam, by Mark A. Latham – The investigators learn of an inmate at Royal Bethlem Hospital, known more commonly as Bedlam, who has strange cuneiform script carved into his very skin, script that he had been translating from the Temple of Nabu.

The Watchers Below, by Mark A. Latham – The investigators discover that the fabled Horn of Alû is to be auctioned off at Sotheby’s, in London. This artefact is said to summon the terrifying supernatural monster that once guarded the Temple of Nabu and must not fall into the wrong hands – but the investigators are by no means the only interested parties.

Catland, Sometimes Called Pussydom, by Scott Dorward – An ancient artefact has fallen into the wrong hands and has escalated a petty squabble amongst a group of cat fanciers into murder, theft and worse. Travel to Croydon, over the River Wandle, where it is said no man may harm a cat…

Rise of the King, by Paul Fricker – There is a reason why Nabu, the Assyrian God of Writing, was sealed within his own temple when Nineveh was sacked in ancient times. But the temple is now open, rebuilt within the British Museum, and Nabu is free to possess a mortal host once more…

For King and Country, by Paul Fricker – In which… actually, we really can’t say anything about this scenario without giving it away. You’ll just have to read The Curse of Nineveh for yourself!

The Curse of Nineveh will be available to pre-order soon – keep an eye on the website for more information.

About Cthulhu Britannica: London


London in the 1920s is the greatest city in the world, a vibrant melting pot of history and culture at the heart of the British Empire. But underneath the powerhouse of the City lie millennia of history, from the well-documented paths of Roman Londinium to darker antediluvian secrets veiled from modern eyes. Londonsits atop its history: an ancient swampland that was itself once an even-more-ancient sea-bed. Who knows what secrets lie buried?

The Cthulhu Britannica: London boxed set is the ultimate guide to running games of Call of Cthulhu set in London. The PDF version is available now. We're also taking pre-orders for the physical edition of the boxed set too at our webstore.


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