The Concert in Flames for Victoriana – in US Stores Now

Our latest Victoriana supplement, The Concert in Flames, is in US gaming stores now – and will be in stores the rest of the world over soon. It is also available in PDF format.

The Concert in Flames contains both a complete guide to Europe in Victoriana and a five-part continent-spanning adventure. We asked line developer Walt Ciechanowski to pick his favourite three things about it.

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Andrew: With Victoriana’s latest supplement, The Concert in Flames, hitting stores today (and available in PDF too), I asked line developer Walt Ciechanowski to pick his favourite three things in it.

Walt: Hmm, I’ve thought about it a great deal and these are the three that immediately spring to mind – but they’re not all I like! There’s also the Finnish Grand Princess, the Merfolk of Venice… but you asked me to just pick three so…

The Concert in Flames PDF version-99

1. Napoleon, Victoriana-style: While Victoriana takes place after the Napoleonic Era, in our alternate historical setting Napoleon is a long-lived Dwarf (yes, I know he wasn't really that short!) and is still imprisoned. France, however, is in dire straits, and offers Napoleon the crown once more. I really love that we get to include Napoleon, who was basically the cause of the Concert in Europe, and have him play an integral part of the plot that threatens it!

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2. The Danubian Principalities: While working my way across the map of Europe, I came across an interesting setting at the heart of the Crimean War: the principalities of Moldavia and Wallachia. The struggles of a Romanian princess who is seen as a pretender and puppet to enforce her region's autonomy and unite her people while it languishes under Russian occupation (and possibly receiving assistance from a certain Carpathian Count) inspired me to run a Victoriana campaign exclusively set in this region and prompted me to set last year’s Gen Con event there.

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3. The Rubber Band Theory: In spite of its fantasy trappings, Victoriana's history always seems to follow ours in general even when the specifics vary. Case in point, some of the politics in 1856 Victoriana stray so far from our own that it's difficult to see how the 'rubber band' of history could snap back. We have sidebars in the adventure that enable it to do just that (or at least lean in that direction) if the Gamemaster chooses.

About The Concert in Flames


The Concert in Flames is the complete guide to Europe for the Victoriana setting, an alternate history of steam and magic. From the Rock of Gibraltar to the steppes of Russia, from a Kingdom of Giants to the Boot of Italy, this book is packed with information about the nooks and crannies of a fantastical Victorian Europe.

But that’s not all, for it also contains the titular adventure, a five-part, city-hopping adventure that takes the adventurers from Paris to Vienna, Budapest and beyond! There’s a continent-spanning conspiracy afoot that threatens to shake the very order of Europe and cast it down in flames – can the adventurers find out what’s going on and put a stop to it before it’s too late?

This 160-page book contains:

  • A gazetteer of Victoriana Europe, detailing the government, society and key locations of each kingdom and empire, and providing plot hooks aplenty.
  • Guidance for creating European characters.
  • Notes on the pantheons of Europe, from the Nordic Norns to the Slavic Archon Chernobog.
  • New spells and equipment, from the firearms of the German confederacy to the crystal blades of Andorra.
  • New monsters and creatures, such as the Ciarpans that live beneath Venice or the Russian Wyverns that dwell in the Ural Mountains.
  • Four new sapients to play, from Giants to Harpies.
  • A multi-part adventure set across the length and breadth of Europe.

The Concert in Flames is a 160 page, black and white, softcover.

Written by Walt Ciechanowski, Chad Bowser, Lynne Hardy, Andi Newton and Alasdair Stuart. Illustrated by Jon Hodgson and Scott Purdy.

Also available as a PDF!


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