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Not only did last week see The Trail of the Scorpion appear in stores, a preview of the art for The Curse of Nineveh and a teaser trailer for the World War Cthulhu Kickstarter, but also Ruins of the North, the latest supplement for The One Ring Roleplaying Game, was released.

This week’s no less busy, with another peek at World War Cthulhu, a spotlight on one of the Doctor’s most infamous villains and more besides!

But first, check out this free sample from Ruins of the North and find out more about the adventures your company can embark upon west over the Misty Mountains.

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Ruins of the North comprises six standalone adventures for The One Ring Roleplaying Game that can be played as an epic campaign across Eriador and is the companion volume to Rivendell.

You can download an extract from Ruins of the North here, giving you an overview of each of the adventures as well as how they fit in with the Tale of Years. You can also take a peek at the first part of the first adventure too, to give you a taste of what lies within!

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Click the image above to download the extract.

About Ruins of the North


Children kidnapped in the night, unusually cunning Trolls, a mysterious caravan, the fate of a company of Hobbits, the legacy of the Dúnedain and an evil awakening beneath the barrows – six new stories set in the ancient land of Eriador. Six adventures that need a company of heroes to undertake them.

Ruins of the North contains six ready-to-play adventures, complete scenarios that can be played separately or as an epic series spanning a number of years. All adventurers are set in the years prior to 2977, and take place in the lands surrounding Rivendell.

Ruins of the North complements the background and rules material contained in Rivendell, the latest supplement for The One Ring Roleplaying Game based upon The Hobbit™ and The Lord of the Rings™.

Delve into the ruins of overgrown Fornost, walk amidst the cairns of the Barrow-downs and venture to the lair of the Witch-king of Angmar himself, the ancient city of Carn Dûm — if you have the courage!

Written by Francesco Nepitello, Andrew Kenrick, Adam Dials, James Brown, Richard Harrison, T.S. Luikart, Marco Rafalá and James M. Spahn.

Illustrated by Andrew Hepworth, Jon Hodgson, Sam Manley, Jeremy McHugh and Jan Pospisil.

Preorder from our webstore here, or get the PDF here. All copies of Ruins of the North come with a complementary PDF of the supplement. Preorders at participating Bits & Mortar stores are also eligible for a free PDF version.


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