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As part of Rocket Age Week we've taken a look at the setting presented in the Core Rulebook, and the first print supplement Blood Red Mars, today we turn the radium spotlight on Rocket Age's ever-expanding line of short PDF adventures. These thrilling short adventures are perfect for giving you the easiest way into the setting, and each one brings another unique facet of the Rocket Age universe to your table!

They are all available now via RPGNow or DriveThruRPG and the first one is free!

Lost City of the Ancients


The Lost City of the Ancients! A free introductory scenario for Rocket Age our new radium-powered game line of interplanetary adventure!

The discovery of an apparently intact Ancient Martian ruin deep in the Western Highlands has set potentially deadly events in motion. Such a find would draw treasure seekers and archaeologists from across Mars, but this one is even more of an attraction. It lies in territory unclaimed by any faction or nation. This makes it free for the taking and, despite the harshness of the Western Highlands, the need to travel through territory held by the Blue Chanari and the stiff competition, three other expeditions are already kitting out in the French held city-state of Kolpith.

The Lost City of the Ancients is a 30 page scenario with an additional PDF of pregenerated characters.

Bring 'Em Back Alive


It is 1938 and the annual Anglo-French Expedition on Venus is getting ready to set out from Roosevelt Station to capture and catalog the alien flora and fauna of that jungle-covered planet. Marvel at the wondrous landscapes and the power of the mighty thunder lizard. Be thrilled by the drums of the native Venusians as they pound through the night. Join the expedition now in this Rocket Age episode for 2-4 players with a maximum of 15 Story Points per character.

Bring 'Em Back alive is a 26 page black and white PDF.

Rocket Racers


The First Solar Cup race has just been announced, a rocket race that launches from the Indianapolis Interplanetary Rocket Port, flies around Venus, and shoots back out to Mars before turning around and heading down the straight towards Earth.

As much as race fans and the rocket set are looking forward to this contest of men and machines, a dark cloud hangs over it. An extortionist calling himself Ghost Racer has sent letters to the race commission threatening to disrupt the race if they do not pay him a ransom. The Solar Cup Commission have not take him seriously, but two days ago a bomb was found in one of the rocket ship hangars.

Our heroes must join the race incognito to protect the racers and spectators from this Ghost Racer. But can they catch him before it's too late?

Rocket Racers is a 20 page PDF Rocket Age episode designed for three to six players.

A Prince's Ransom


The heir of Martian Prince Evos of Avat has been kidnapped and held to ransom, risking disgrace and anarchy for the already unstable principality.

Our heroes are tasked with tracking down the kidnappers and rescuing the princeling - but all is not as it seems, and what started off as a simple rescue mission swiftly escalates into an interstellar corporate conspiracy.


Prince's Ransom is a 20-page black and white PDF featuring a Rocket Age episode designed for four to six players.


Mind Dunes of the Moon

Mind Dunes of the Moon400

A tragic accident at White Sands Rocketry Development Range sparks a mission to the Moon to uncover an insidious alien plot to take over the Earth! What is causing glass to turn to sand, what is really going on in Luna City, what lurks within the silica mines of Tycho Crater and what does "Every grain, a Mind" mean?

Mind Dunes of the Moon is an 18-page black and white PDF featuring a Rocket Age episode designed for two to four players.

No Good Deed

A voyage to Saturn is sent dramatically off-course by a deadly power surge and a desperate crash landing onto the surface of the moon of Rhea. But all is not as it seems, and what starts out as a rescue mission quickly escalates into something more revolutionary.

No Good Deed is a 26-page black and white PDF featuring a Rocket Age adventure designed for four to six players.


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