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The red sands of Mars are stained dark with the blood of conqueror and conquered, of explorer and savage beast, of alien and native alike. Mars, the Red Planet, named for some long-dead Earthling god of war, has lived up to its namesake. Armies march, archaeologists battle the traps of Ancient Ruins, and warbands of the native Chanari raid the towns of the ‘civilized’ castes with impunity. Life on Mars is one of conflict, of gun and blade, of bow and fang, of ideas. Freedom cry out the Julandri slaves, faith call back the Kastari priestly sects, mine scream the prince and the revolutionaries!

Blood Red Mars is the first supplement for Rocket Age.  A 160 page, softcover, gazetteer for the red planet by Rocket Age line developer Ken Spencer, Blood Red Mars is available from all good hobby stores now.  It is packed to the fins with setting info, story hooks, new creatures, new traits, new equipment, a full scenario and more!

In Blood Red Mars you will find the following:

Chapter 1: Gazetteer
Your guide to Mars in all its richness and glory, this chapter gives an overview of the most important principalities, cities, and geographic features of the Red Planet. From the Red Towers of Bizrit to the (relative) lushness of the Western Highlands, you have the information you need to travel and adventure on Mars. Entries are provided with story hooks and an example personality, a non-player character ready to be dropped into your own games. Although the gazetteer covers much of Mars there is still plenty of room on the map for you to place your own principalities.

Chapter 2: Organizations
Mars is divided into many factions both Alien and Martian. Organizations are a new concept for Rocket Age introduced in Blood Red Mars. An organization can be a military unit, governmental department, political or social movement, criminal enterprise, or a religion. They provide hooks for characters in the form of easy-to-grab sources for Friends, Adversaries, Codes of Conduct, and occupational packages. For the Gamemaster we have story hooks galore. In Blood Red Mars the organisations that are most influential on Mars are described: the 1st MEF, Order of the Sacred Hamaxe, Silthuri Duelists, and much more.

Chapter 3: Chanari
The wild Chanari are not like their city dwelling counterparts. Indeed, they are a separate species that has ridden across the face of Mars since time immemorial. The Chanari have seen the rise and fall of the Ancients, their world change from one dominated by the technologies and cities of their ancestral foes into one that is more to their liking. This chapter details Chanari life, culture, and technologies, as well as the Chanari Seers, mad mystics of the desert nomads.

Chapter 4: Flora and Fauna
The wild animals of Mars are more dangerous than a legion of raging Maduri. For starters, the Maduri have to obey orders, and all animals obey are their bellies and base desires. Devil vultures prowl the skies, riding the rising thermals in search of likely prey. Galantalopes and Martian gazelle thunder by in great herds. Sand prowlers stalk though the night. Finally, the dreaded desert well tree lurks beneath the sands, proving that even the plants on Mars will eat you.

Chapter 5: New Traits and Equipment
New character and equipment traits, as well as new equipment are gathered here. Will your character be a Bigot? Can they wield a Chanari fire lance? Dare you toy with the artifacts of the Ancient Martians?

Chapter 6: The Stolen Artifact
Slate Mac is a known artifact dealer and petty thug, but he has something everyone wants, a powerful working artifact of the Ancients. Best of all, Slate Mac is willing to auction it off to the highest bidder. Our heroes are in on the action, from Emancipation’s most-fashionable nightclub, the Rocket Cat, to chases through the city streets, to the final confrontation with their rivals. Can our heroes outbid, outfight, and outmaneuver Nazis, smugglers, a Martian princess, the Soviets, and Slate Mac himself in order to come away with the stolen artifact?

A glimpse into the fact-filled first chapter - the Gazetteer is available for free download:

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Click to Download a preview of Blood Red Mars

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