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"It's alternate history pulpy retro-sci-fi space opera planetary romance. It's throttled up rocket packs burning radium on the long blast to the farthest reaches of the Solar System. It's hunting thunder lizards in the upland jungles of Venus. It's battling Ancient Martian killing machines piloted by the Deutsche Marskorps across the baking red deserts of Mars. It's exploring the deadly skies of Jupiter under the constant threat of Europan disintegration. It's RAY gun wielding heroes bulls-eyeing mutants in the blasted ruins of Io" - Ken Spencer, Rocket Age Line Developer

Rocket Age is the core rulebook in our new radium-powered game line of interplanetary adventure! Powered by the Vortex System (like our Doctor Who game) it's packed to the fins with all the rules, setting information and game ideas to keep you playing throughout your very own rocket age!

Pre-orders are now live with two options to chose between:

1:Rocket Age RPG Atomic GenCon Pre-order - Hardcover, Softcover +PDF


We're launching the game at GenCon with an exclusive advance softcover edition, perfect for your initial read-through and for you to pass to your players when your deluxe hardcover version arrives!

We don't want you to miss out if you aren't going to be at the show, so we are offering this Rocket Age RPG Atomic GenCon Pre-order! With this astounding offer, you'll get the PDF of the game as soon as it is available in late July, the softcover shipped to you shortly after GenCon and the Deluxe Hardcover as soon as it arrives from the printer.

The softcover edition is going to be very limited - if we don't sell them all at GenCon we might have a few more to sell afterwards, but apart from that, this is your only chance to get your softcover copy. If you're only interested in the hardcover edition, that will be available for pre-order shortly.

We're also offering:

2: Rocket Age RPG Hard Cover + PDF Bundle

For those of you who don't want the extra softcover copy of Rocket Age. This bundle includes just the gorgeous hardcover book and a copy of the PDF when it becomes available in July.

Rocket Age is a 256 page core rulebook by Ken Spencer with gorgeous black and white interior art by Jon Hodgson, Paul Bourne and Scott Purdy.

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