Rocket Age – Heroes of the Solar System


Heroes of the Solar System Cover by Jon Hodgson

To finish up Rocket Age Week we're taking a look at Heroes of the Solar System by Ken Spencer - coming soon for Rocket Age!


Art by Scott Purdy

Freebooters rampage across Mars, Nazis plot new atrocities, savage beasts prey on colonists and above all the sinister Europans loom. The solar system needs heroes – heroes like you!

Heroes of the Solar System, the second sourcebook for Rocket Age, offers you a look at the heroes of the rocket set. The focus of Heroes of the Solar System is on the player characters, though Gamemasters will still find plot hooks and episode ideas galore.

This book is just filled with new ideas for familiar species, new organizations for your heroes to fight for (and sometimes against), new equipment to use in their explorations and adventures, new character traits, and new species.


Art by Jeremy McHugh

Heroes of the Solar System contains:

  • 4 new types of sophont for you to play: the beloved Lizard Monkeys of Venus, the ancient Robomen of Mars, the winged Jovians of the skies of Jupiter and the utterly bizarre Metisians, cephalopodian soldiers of the Europans.

Art by Jeremy McHugh

  • Expanded background for each of the 13 sophonts from the Rocket Age rulebook. How long does a Maduri live? What sort of material culture do the Venusians have? Are all Martians lactose intolerant? The answers to these questions and more besides are in here!

Art by Jeremy McHugh

  • 10 new heroic organizations for your heroes to join up with – or for the Gamemaster to use as antagonists – from the Europan Emissary Corps to the International Comintern and the Rocket Rangers themselves. The structure, history and operations of each organization is fully detailed, along with a typical NPC, a selection of plot hooks and character packages for playing an agent of the organization.

Art by Scott Purdy

  • Over 50 new Traits for your characters to pick from, from Don’t Die on Me! and Percussive Maintenance to Space Sick and Wanted Man, and more esoteric options besides.

Stay tuned for the release of Heroes of the Solar System soon!

Extra! PDF Bundles

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Rocket Age: Everything but the Rocketship Sink Bundle – This bundle contains everything released for the Rocket Age roleplaying game so far, making it a great way to catch up with this rocket-powered line. Contains: Rocket Age Core Rulebook, Blood Red Mars and the PDF adventures The Lost City of the Ancients, Bring ’em Back Alive, Rocket Racers, A Prince’s Ransom, Mind Dunes of the Moon and No Good Deed.


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