Pre-order update – AME, LWAG and TOR

Gosh, we've been crazy-busy working on games! Here's a quick update for everyone who has pre-ordered AME, LWAG and TOR titles:

We have confirmed sightings in the UK and Europe of pre-ordered copies of Oaths of the Riddermark for The One Ring, Rivendell Region Guide for Adventures in Middle-earth arriving with pre-order customers. And everyone in the UK and Europe who backed or pre-ordered The Realm of Sommerlund and Rookhaven can expect to see those arrive very soon! Dispatch for those titles is well underway.

Stock of these titles is also en route to the US right now, so stay tuned and we'll update when those arrive in our US warehouse. Thanks for all your orders over our 100k Salesplosion, be sure to check out the current bundle for ConTessa at DrivethruRPG where you can grab a host of amazing games in PDF, including the Doctor Who RPG for a snip!

Stay tuned for more exciting news as it becomes available!

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