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Third Edition

Streets of ShadowStreets of Shadow Cover


There are dangers lurking in the shadows of the Smoke – and some of the most dangerous are stirring at the wrong time. With the War in the Crimea going badly for the British, the rumour of conscription has sent anarchists into the street. Against the backdrop of social unrest and increasing danger a web of troubles grows, culminating in a fearsome threat to the entire city.

Streets of Shadow is a six-adventure campaign that takes the characters from a case of kidnapped children to rumours of dragons and sinister threats to London itself, all woven together in a web of coincidence and connection. Three of the adventures have been previously published, but are now fully compatible with Victoriana Third Edition Core Rulebook and integrated with the other adventures in the campaign.

144 pages - softcover, b&w interior
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Liber Magica

Liber Magica cover 600


While science and industry hold ever more sway over the world of Victoriana, magic remains a powerful force, from the aristocratic hermeticists who provide instant health care to the nobility to the petty conjurers who make a hard life a little more bearable for labourers. 

But not all magic is so benign. The power to summon demons, to bring the dead back from the dead, to sacrifice the life of another for untold power. 

Magical power is there for the taking, if only you have the will to control it… 

This supplement for Victoriana third edition greatly expands the role of magic in your games, with new spells, new magical skills and more besides.

  • Rules for magical rituals, alchemical physics, tattoo magic, bardism and much, much more.
  • Expanded information on the Maleficium, including the role of demons and devils in the cosmology, necrotic grafts and guidance on making your own undead creature, and rules for Haemomancy.
  • New arcane curiosities, including magical weapons, armour and transport.
  • An in-depth look at five magical organisations, including the Consortium of Hermetic Guilds, to aid or challenge adventurers.

Written by Victoriana Line Developer Walt Ciechanowski, Scott Carter, Nimrod Jones and Andrew Peregrine, illustrated by Jon Hodgson and Scott Purdy.

144 pages, black and white interior.

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Second Edition

Victoriana Gamemasters's Screen
Packed with all the information a Gamemaster needs for easy reference during a session of Victoriana, this 'deluxe' thick screen will speed up your games and last for years.

Faulkner's Millinery and Miscellanea
The World, brought to you for less than 4 Shillings!

From Alexander Faulkner esquire, celebrated shopkeeper and compulsive traveller, comes the definitive guide to the finest goods and services from across the Empire. Faulkner’s 1867 guide is presented in several categories, each featuring the advice and recommendations of a recognised expert.

Faulkner’s guide is the essential Victorian-era lifestyle guide and equipment book.

Marylebone Mummy
The noted doctor, Reginald Cantwell, has recently returned from holiday in Egypt and brought back with him a surprisingly rich tourist’s trove of quaint artefacts, crumbly papyrus scrolls, and even a full-fledged mummy in an ornately decorated sarcophagus. He intends to proudly display his gains to friends and colleagues at his grand home in Marylebone, topping the evening off by demonstrating his medical prowess by unwrapping and examining the mummy. Unfortunately nefarious forces seek to steal artefacts from the collection, and others seek to use the theft to resurrect the mummy!

The Marylebone Mummy is an intriguing and action-packed adventure for Victoriana 2nd Edition.

Faces in the Smoke Volume 1: The Secret Masters
Faces in the Smoke 2: Shadows and Steel
They Watch…from the salons of the rich to the darkest corners of the tenements, they are out there in the city. The city plays host to countless organisations, each with their own agenda, battling in a shadow war for supremacy under the cover of the smog that fills the streets.

These groups range from the ancient to the new, from political activists to cultists worshipping dark gods. Their members range across society, inviting both gentleman and scoundrel to their secret meetings. So you need to watch your step as you cross the smoke shadowed streets. The next person you meet could be one of them. But will they become an ally, or an enemy?

Jewel of the Empire
A land of mystery and ancient secrets, subjugated by the power of Empire. India, the jewel in England’s imperial crown.

It is a land that has brought the English riches and tribute for many years, managed by the vast British East India Company. The nation has fascinated the English, influencing their art, science and even cuisine. However, it is a land they cannot hope to understand as they continue to hold its beauty in an iron grip.

For all their power and magic, there are forces in India that the colonial powers can scarce imagine. Deep in the hidden temples and ancient cities lie ancient secrets from a time before the polite divisions of Order and Chaos. Dark cults harness forgotten magic to do battle with the invaders. Mysterious secrets from the dawn of time wait after millennia to be released upon the world once more.

Welcome to India, where nothing is as it seems… except the darkness.

The Havering Adventures
Suave. Sophisticated. And deadly... Meet the Haverings, Victoriana's most infamous family: Nathaniel, head of the family and proof that the upper classes aren't always in charge; beautiful and decadent Susanna, Nathaniel's distinctly improper wife; Jonathan, fallen to terrible vice; Selina, a survivor from the gutter and the family's moral heart; Tobin, wizardly academic with a criminal side; and Patterson, because every now and then a gentleman needs a manservant to put the boot in...

Havering Adventures provides full statistics for the Haverings, for use either as player characters or NPCs, and three action-packed ready-to-play adventures showcasing the Haverings' unique talents.

The Smoke
The soul of a nation, the heart of an Empire.
Welcome to the greatest city in the world. For nearly a thousand years it has stood against fire, plague and revolution, and still it endures.

Thousands flock to the city looking for a new life, only to become fuel for the fire of industry or be broken by vice and despair. But not everyone seeks the wealth of the capital, for amidst the rookeries and old places of the city there is old magic woven into the very stones.

London brings the world to your door; spices from the east, fine linen, fashions from Paris, mysterious artefacts from forgotten nations, opium, absinthe and many other dark delights. There are a thousand temptations and a million ways to enjoy them, and they all await you in the Smoke.

Marvels of Science and Steampunk
Science: The great marvel of the Age! Whereas magic is the domain of the aristocracy, maintaining their lives of luxury and social prominence, it is an expensive and unpredictable affair, and available only to a select few. The wonders of Steam and the new Science, however, extend their promise to everyone. From ironclad steamships to personal ornithopters—from electric telegraphs to Babbage engines—the marvels of this age will surely transform the world!

And with a little magic thrown in, who knows what else they will accomplish?

Marvels of Science and Steampunk explores the great wonders of the Victoriana world, building on the many inventions and technologies covered in the Victoriana Second Edition Core Rulebook—and introducing a few more.



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