The One Ring: Downloads

There are many  gamer-created resources for The One Ring in this thread on the Cubicle 7 forums.

Rules updates and clarifications  to take you from the Slipcase Edition to the Revised Edition:
The One Ring Clarifications and Amendments

Revised Edition character sheet:

The updated and greatly expanded index for Slipcase Edition of The One Ring RPG is now available for free download.  Simply click the image to download the 19 page pdf:

Printer Friendly Version:

Slipcase Edition colour character sheet (PDF) for home printing:
Black and white character sheet (PDF) for home printing:

Form-fillable PDF character sheet:

Pre-generated TOR Characters:

Magical Treasure index from Rivendell:


Click to download PDF.

Background music for your TOR games on youtube.

Facebook cover images:


iPad wallpapers:



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