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Dominic McDowall from Update 2:
"The number one question that we’ve received so far: What system does the game use?

The design goal for the game is to for it to be flexible, with variable levels of depth so that it is accessible to new gamers, grows with their experience level and provides satisfying gameplay for experienced gamers.

For new gamers, the game is initially presented in its most cut-down version, which is developed from the system used in the Lone Wolf gamebooks. The first adventure scenario is designed to be played at this level within minutes of them opening the box, with zero prep time.

At this level, your character will be defined by their Combat SkillEndurance Pointsand Willpower. They will use their Kai Disciplines and Equipment to overcome the tasks set before them. In some ways, the game will be at its most old-school in this mode of play – resolving your adventures will depend on your abilities to deduce what’s going on and plan how to tackle the obstacles.

I think that most of you backing the Kickstarter will probably jump straight to the next level of rules, which introduces a lot more options around character generation. It introduces Backgrounds – the region of (initially) Sommerlund you came from and your social class. This will affect your choice of Traits and Skills. The ways that you can use your Kai Disciplines will expand, and Kai’s Favour introduces a balancing mechanic for characters with lower Combat SkillEndurance Points and Willpowerscores.

These additional characteristics affect the way that the game plays – we’re aiming for elegant interaction between all these components to bring nuance to the rules. There will also be more core rules options, for example individualised rules for each weapon type.

The Adventure Game core mechanic is based on the random number table from the gamebooks, but with a twist. The box lid will be printed with the random number grid, and each player will have a token for their character. Each player flips their token into the lid to generate their number. For simple tests you will be looking to beat a target number, and might get modifiers as appropriate. Some abilities might even let you move your token to an adjacent result to try and improve your score. If that’s not your thing you can, of course, still use your favourite d10!

That’s the basics for the boxed set. I’m sure that you’ll still have questions as I can only really give a summary here, but I hope that it gives you a better idea of how the game looks.

Following on from the rules in the Adventure Game boxed set, the Game expansions will give you a host of additional options, moving towards the advanced ruleset, which backers will get the opportunity to playtest as well.

At the heart of the development team is a huge love for Lone Wolf, and we’ll be liberally applying the Cubicle 7 magic to make sure that we produce an awesome game for adventuring in Magnamund."

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