Lone Wolf Adventure Game – Maps

As part of The Lone Wolf Adventure Game Kickstarter we're offering five exceptional map products.  These are available all together as part of the "Kai Savant" pledge level, or seperately as add ons.

Specially commissioned from map maker extraordinaire Francesco Mattioli, created in close collaboration with Magnamund creator Joe Dever, from his original sketches, these beautiful artefacts will enhance any Lone Wolf game and provide a stunning reference for any Lone Wolf fan.

The Magnamund World Map is a large poster, featuring a map of the entirety of Magnamund.  Perfect for hanging on the wall of your games room. Click to enlarge:

Below you can see samples of all 4 Map Packs.  Each pack contains 4 maps printed on heavy duty card, showing the territory on the front, and setting details on the back.  Combined these offer unparalleled detail for the whole world of Magnamund.

Click an image to see it larger:

Map Pack One

Map One - Sommerlund
Map01_front&Back_sample  Map01_detail_sample_(a)Map01_rear_text_sample

Map Two - Durenor
Map02_front&Back_sample Map02_detail_sample_(b)  Map02_rear_text_sample
Map Three - Vassagonia
Map03_front&Back_sample  Map03_detail_sample_(a) Map03_rear_text_sample
Map Four - Dessi
Map04_front&Back_sample  Map04_detail_sample_(a) Map04_rear_text_sample

Map Pack Two

Map Five - Kakush & Valerion
Map05_front&Back_sample Map05_detail_sample_(a) Map05_rear_text_sample
Map Six - The Galdonlands
Map Seven - The Stornlands
Map07_front&Back_sample Map07_detail_sample_(a) Map07_rear_text_sample
Map Eight - Talestria
Map08_front&Back_sample Map08_detail_sample_(a) Map08_rear_text_sample

Map Pack Three

Map Nine - Bor & The Hammerlands
Map09_front&Back_sample Map09_detail_sample Map09_rear_text_sample
Map Ten - Lencia
Map10_front&Back_sample Map10_detail_sample Map10_rear_text_sample
Map Eleven - Drakkarim Homelands & The Hellswamp
Map11_front&Back_sample Map11_detail_sample Map11_rear_text_sample
Map Twelve - Ixia & The Hardlands
Map12_front&Back_sample Map12_detail_sample Map12_rear_text_sample

Map Pack Four

Map Thirteen - Western Darklands
Map13_front&Back_sample Map13_detail_sample Map13_rear_text_sample

Map Fourteen - Central Darklands & Skaror
Map14_front&back_sample Map14_detail_sample Map14_rear_text_sample
Map Fifteen - Eastern Darklands
Map15_front&back_sample Map15_detail_sample Map15_rear_text_sample
Map Sixteen - Eastern Kalte
Map16_front&rear_sample Map16_detail_sample Map16_rear_text_sample
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