Lone Wolf Adventure Game – In the Box


Another popular question has been what exactly is included in the boxed set. Here’s the current breakdown – this could develop further based on the playtest, further meddling from me, or if we add anything by hitting higher funding levels.

Adventure book  

The starting point for the game, this beautiful full colour book is packed, with two full adventure scenarios and a host of adventure seeds and locations. The initial adventure is designed to be run with zero preparation time – the narrator gets all support they need to run the game, and the rules are introduced in a tutorial style. The second adventure/mini-campaign introduces the more advanced game concepts. The adventure seeds and locations will be presented so that they are easily fleshed out and dropped into your games. Estimated at 64 pages.

Kai Training (player’s book)

Lavishly illustrated in full colour, this book contains the introduction to the game, the Kai and Sommerlund. Covering character creation, character abilities, equipment, and basic rules, it gives players everything they need to leap into action. Estimated at 64 pages.

Kai Wisdom (narrator/GM’s book)

You guessed it – another gorgeous full colour book containing sections for enhancing the game, further character abilities, friends and foes, experience and advancement, advice on running the game. Estimated at 64 pages.


These include a ‘Your story begins’ guide to the contents of the box, a map of Sommerlund, pre-generated character folios, blank character sheets and a host of other useful handouts. They also include a sheet of die-cut heavy-duty card tokens for use with the random number table printed into the box tray (see update 2 for more about this!).
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