Doctor Who: Downloads

The latest download for Doctor Who Roleplaying Game is a printer-friendly version of the character and reference sheet, as the last thing you want to be doing while battling Daleks is changing the ink toner. Click on the image below to download it!

Doctor Who Print-friendly Character Sheet-1 Thumb

Click to download the PDF

And if you're not worried about depleting your ink, a new version of the character sheet (as seen in the Doctor Who Limited Edition Rulebook), also with the reference sheet on the back, can be found here:

Click to download the PDF

Of course, the black and white look is also appropriate for campaigns set in the First and Second Doctor eras, while the full-colour character sheet is great for more modern campaigns!

Blank Eleventh Doctor Edition Character Sheet PDF:

The TARDIS console sheet, Time Travel Device sheet & quick TARDIS sheet from The Time Traveller's Companion:



If you've got the Tenth Doctor edition of Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, then you can grab the free Update Pack here!