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Andrew: The first supplement for Yggdrasil, Nine Worlds, hit stores this week. Knowing when we’re on to a good thing, we tracked line developer Andy Peregrine down (in Jormungandr, no less) to ask him about his favourite 3 things in the book.

Andy: If I had to pick just 3 I’d pick Legendary Items, the Alfar and Dvaegar, and the Draugr.

Andrew: That’s 4, by my count, but go on…

Andy: ...

1. Legendary Items: What I love about Yggdrasil is that each weapon is special, far more than just a +1 sword. Something of the spirit of each wielder remains a part of the weapon's saga. More interestingly, these weapons are not really for mortal men – they are made for the gods – and if a mortal chooses to wield one they may suffer for it. They bring with them the weight of fate, and while this may help the wielder carve a great saga, it may ultimately end in tragedy.

2. The Alfar and the Dvaegar:
These creatures are from the legends that modern fantasy’s elves and dwarves have sprung, but they are so much more. They are beings that have existed since the times of the gods; inhuman, distant and with their own tales and affairs that are not for mortal men. They are wholly alien beings with strange customs and mysterious agendas (something the player characters will learn something of in one of the adventures in the book); they can be reasoned with, and even tricked, but they should never be trifled with.

3. The Draugr: These are dead men, the spirits of your ancestors, chained in death by debts of honour and lineage. They are as cold, dangerous and chilling as they should be. To stand against them is to face your own mortality and stand in the way of a responsibility that has held a warrior past even their own death. Should you fail your quest, wrong the gods or leave too much undone, the fate of the Draugr may yet be yours.


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