Lone Wolf Adventure Game – 5 Days Left

5 days left550There are just 5 days left for our Kickstarter campaign for The Lone Wolf Adventure Game – which means, if you’ve not pledged yet, you’ve not got long left to get involved!

The campaign is just shy of £43,000, and we’ve most recently unlocked Heroes of Magnamund as a hardcover supplement. Heroes of Magnamund is one of the expansions we’re most looking forward to, as it introduces many new characters to play, from Dwarven Gunners of Bor to Magicians of the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star to Border Rangers.

We are now closing in on the next stretch goal at £45,000 – adding a third adventure to the Kickstarter-exclusive PDF pack. This PDF pack will be something special indeed, and backers of every level will receive it: we’re going to richly detail an area of Sommerlund, exploring it to absurd levels really, and make it the setting for many of our adventures. It’ll be a corner of Magnamund that’ll be unique to backers of our Kickstarter.

The boxed set at the heart of the campaign is designed specifically for players who are brand-new to roleplaying games. New gamers will be able to take the £20/$30 boxed set, containing 3 full-colour softcover books, maps, handouts and counters, and start playing right out of the box, with introductory adventures that teach them how to play a roleplaying game. The complexity builds until The Lone Wolf Adventure Game becomes a roleplaying game that more experienced gamers will recognise and enjoy just as much. With the various add ons for setting, rules supplements and maps, you can build your perfect Magnamund campaign, or give a group of new players the chance to explore this epic fantasy world like so many of us have over the last 30 years .

We're bringing all our Cubicle 7 production quality to the dazzling world of Joe Dever's Magnamund, developed over the last 30 years!

Learn more at the campaign itself, or at our Lone Wolf page right here on the C7 site.

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