London Boxed Set Kickstarter Round Up

Our Kickstarter for the Cthulhu Britannica London Boxed Set continues to power forward!  Here we present a round up of where the campaign is at, and where it's headed in the remaining 9 days.

The total at the time of writing is £58,747.  We've just unlocked a postcard by indie-legend Epidiah Ravachol, and we're closing in on unlocking the next part of the campaign book at £60 000.

But what are these postcards we've spoken so much about?  Dominic McDowall gives a solid run down in his recent interview with Paco at GMS Magazine Podcast here.   He also shone a spotlight on them in a recent update: "Each postcard is an adventure seed written by one of the series of gaming luminaries we’ve lined up as contributors. Including Sandy Petersen, Ken Hite, Graeme Davis, Robin Laws, and many more, there’s a wonderful group of people involved – with these postcards you’ll have a huge array of inspiration for your Call of Cthulhu games.

Things have been going well in the postcard stakes - these are cheeky smaller goals we've scattered between the big ones, each one unlocking another postcard adventure seed from a noted RPG luminary.  By the conclusion of the campaign this boxed set should provide a unique who's who of rpg writing in 2013.  There's also the chance for backers to submit their own adventure seeds and have those included in the booklet that accompanies the postcard set.  What better company in which to be published?  This set is Kickstarter exclusive, so is only available as part of the campaign.

Poscard set packshot
We also revealed 3 pieces of cover art for the books contained inside the set.  Created by C7 art director Jon Hodgson these will appear on The Guide to London, the Keeper's Book and The Scenario Book.
CBLcover01_800 2nd london cover london cover 3

We've smashed through some big milestone goals too, with the boxed set itself funding in under 8 hours!  We quickly added the Campaign Book to the pile of unlocked goodies. This is an additional tome to the Scenario Book, featuring a series of linked adventures written by big names in Cthulhu gaming.  Through the unlocking of stretch goals we've added 2 further parts to this campaign which is shaping up to an epic!  On the writing roster we have Mike Mason, Scott Dorward, and we're hoping to soon unlock an adventure by New York Times best-seller Graeme McNeill.

At £65,000 (Just over $100,000) we unlock Cards from the Smoke.  This is another beautiful boxed set, this time featuring large format cards presenting art and information on a location, an NPC or a threat.  A vital tool for London Keepers.

We've recently unveiled some new stretch goals, with more details on those coming soon.  We're offering a World War Cthulhu cross-over book, bridging the gap from classic Call of Cthulhu 20s London to the London of the Blitz, as well as expansions to the Cards from the Smoke set.  Exciting times if we can get there.
Throughout the campaign we've also been running our free to play adventure game featuring the trials and tribulations of our friend in 1930s London, Neve Selsibuc.   You can help Neve negotiate the perils and wonders of 1920s London as she attempts to get to the bottom of the mysteries surrounding the British Museum.


Your support throughout the campaign has been amazing, and we're overwhelmed at how high the total has risen.  Thank you! But there's still time to do more, and we have more surprises planned if we can get there.  9 days to go, so let's all help spread the word by letting your friends know about the Kickstarter!



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