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We’ve just wrapped up work on the contents of the Cthulhu Britannica: London boxed set, the result of our first Kickstarter campaign, and started playtesting The Lone Wolf Adventure Game, our second Kickstarter campaign, so thought it a good time to round up how these projects are coming along.

If you missed either of these Kickstarters, keep an eye on the website as we’ll be making them available to everyone in the New Year.

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Cthulhu Britannica: London Box Set


You may remember our first Kickstarter, the Cthulhu Britannica: London box set, was funded successfully at the end of 2013. Well, this week we sent out the last of the PDFs for it to our backers, which means that the box set itself is now complete. And it’s shaped up to be everything we hoped for and more, with three amazing books (An Investigator’s Guide to London, A Keeper’s Guide to London and Adventures in Mythos London), four beautiful poster maps and six sheets of die-cut card handouts.

You can read more about the books here.

The handouts have turned out to be pretty special too – some of them are designed to accompany the scenarios in the boxed set, whereas others are nifty props to spark an idea for an adventure or to hand to your players in the game. We can't wait to see them in use at the gaming table!

While the hardcopy of the box set will be in the hands of backers in the next few months, those of you who missed out will be able to buy it in the New Year.

The Lone Wolf Adventure Game


Our Kickstarter for the The Lone Wolf Adventure Game was a roaring success, breaking the $100,000 mark – thanks to all of you who backed it! Development is well under way, not just for the core box set itself, which is designed as a fantastic introduction to the roleplaying hobby, but also on the first four supplements: Terror of the Darklords, The Magnamund Bestiary, Sommerlund and Heroes of Magnamund.  You can read more about The Lone Wolf Adventure Game here.

October has seen our fans getting their first taste of adventuring in Magnamund, as we began a playtest exclusively for the backers of the campaign. The rallying cry of “For Sommerlund and the Kai!” has been heard at gaming tables all over the world!

Those of you who missed the Kickstarter will be able to play it for yourself next year!

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