In US Stores Today – Streets of Shadow and Primeval Companion!

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Hitting US stores today - Streets of Shadow for Victoriana and Primeval Companion!

Streets of Shadow

There are dangers lurking in the shadows of the Smoke – and some of the most dangerous are stirring at the wrong time. With the War in the Crimea going badly for the British, the rumour of conscription has sent anarchists into the street. Against the backdrop of social unrest and increasing danger a web of troubles grows, culminating in a fearsome threat to the entire city.

Streets of Shadow is a six-adventure campaign that takes the characters from a case of kidnapped children to rumours of dragons and sinister threats to London itself, all woven together in a web of coincidence and connection. Three of the adventures have been previously published, but are now fully compatible with Victoriana Third Edition Core Rulebook and integrated with the other adventures in the campaign.

144 pages - softcover, b&w interior
To celebrate the release of Streets we're giving away one of the adventures absolutely free - please enjoy The Hound of Hate on us!:

Streets of Shadow Chapters-5

Click to download The Hound of Hate

Primeval Companion

More dinosaurs. More secrets. More action.

More Primeval.

The Primeval Companion expands your game by adding more options and adventures. Face a host of new dinosaurs like the ferocious Balaur or the vicious Tree Creeper. Learn how to survive in the wilderness, how to escape natural disasters, and how to deal with sinister conspiracies.

Two new Campaign Frameworks – The Village and Operation GEORGE – open up exciting new ways to play Primeval.  Can you stop the Anomalies without the resources of the ARC, or without modern technology?

Finally, we’ve crammed three ready-to-run adventures into the CompanionFind out what happened to the missing train in The Devil & Mr. Sutton, solve the Message Found In An Anomaly and learn the secrets of the Earth Serpent!

128 page - softcover - black & white internal art

Both titles are in US stores now!  European stock is en route.


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