In US Stores Today – Green Dice for The One Ring

On the shelves of US gaming stores today – the Green Dice Set for use with The One Ring Roleplaying Game. It will be available to buy in stores in the rest of the world soon.

We’ve also restocked the original bone-coloured version of The One Ring Dice Set, just in case you don’t have enough dice – we’re joking of course, we know you can never have enough dice!

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The One Ring Dice Set contains a special set of dice designed specially for use with The One Ring Roleplaying Game: the twelve-sided Feat die, which is marked with numbers 1-10, as well as two special symbols, Gandalf’s rune and the Eye of Sauron; and six six-sided Success dice, which are numbered 1-6, with a Tengwar rune on the 6.

Francesco Nepitello, designer of The One Ring: “I love custom dice, this must be said, but for The One Ring the choice goes beyond the simple aesthetics. I wanted a game mechanic that was easy to read and felt completely built around the theme of the game. I think our dice serve the purpose, make for a very quick determination of rolls, and feels 'right', with their flavourful icons.”

When you make a roll, you roll the Feat die plus a number of Success dice equal to the skill you’re using, add up all the numbers shown and compare it to the Target Number of the action (typically 14).


But what about those special symbols? Well, if you roll a Gandalf Rune, the roll is considered an automatic success (and a cheer is likely to go up around the table!). An Eye of Sauron, on the other hand, is not only considered a 0 on the Feat die, but sometimes means something bad has happened to you too (the enemy might get to make a special attack against you in combat, a hazard might befall you on a journey and so on). If you are a player of The One Ring, you will learn to fear the roll of an Eye of Sauron!

As for the symbols on the Success dice, for every Tengwar rolled, any success is made that much better: roll one and its a great success, roll two and its an extraordinary success, and so on. Note also that the numbers 1-3 are hollowed out. This means that, when your character is Weary (the most common – albeit temporary – detrimental effect, caused by losing too much Endurance in combat or gaining too much Fatigue on a journey), you ignore these dice results when adding up your total.

Both The One Ring Dice Sets – in bone and green – are available to buy in US stores now.



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