Horse-Lords of Rohan – What’s inside?

Horse-lords of Rohan for The One Ring Roleplaying Game is available now in PDF, and the pre-orders for the hard copy is open!
Of course, Horse-lords of Rohan introduces the fierce Rohirrim as a playable culture to The One Ring RPG. It also adds rules for mounted combat and a thorough setting guide to the places and people you can expect to find in Rohan.

But there's more.

As well as the Rohirrim you'll get the chance to play their ancient adversaries, the Dunlendings.

Also detailed is Isengard, home to the White Wizard, Saruman.  You'll learn about the Tower of Orthanc, and take a glimpse into the Wizard's plans.

You'll get the chance to explore mighty Forest of Fangorn, and uncover the secrets of the Tree-herders.

There's a bestiary of monsters, and two pregenerated characters for the new cultures.

Here's the contents page, so you can see everything that's included. There's a reason Horse-lords of Rohan is being hailed as the best One Ring supplement to date!:


To Arms!

PDF: here
Pre-order: here

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