Halloween Sale over at RPNow

It’s Halloween this coming Friday, and that traditionally means we’ll be getting together with our friends to eat sweets, do awful zombie impressions and play a horror-themed game to scare ourselves witless.

There’s a Halloween Sale on all week over at DriveThruRPG, and you can grab yourselves a ghoulish bargain on some of our scariest PDFs: today we take a look at one of those, the Kuro Core Rulebook.

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The year is 2048, and something dark has returned to Japan. With an international blockade set up around the beleaguered country, there is no escape. To ignore the horror will only delay the inevitable, but do you have the strength to face the nightmares?

Kuro is a developing game setting that mixes a dark near future with unremitting Japanese horror. The Kuro Core Rulebook contains all the rules and background you need to play the game. If you’re fans of creepy ghosts, vengeful spirits and terrifying oni, then make sure you pick it up in the DriveThruRPG sale.

And, while you’re there, check out the first supplement for Kuro, Makkura, which contains six complete adventures that can be played together as a nerve-shredding campaign.

Kuro Previews

Click on any of the images below for a look inside the Kuro Core Rulebook.


Take a walk through the Kuro corebook in this video:


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