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GOD GAME BLACK is the newest supplement for The Laundry RPG, based on the Laundry Files novels by Charles Stross.

The game’s played in the corridors of power in Westminister and Washington. It’s played in alleyways in Bangkok and desolate hillsides in Afghanistan. It’s played in the skies of distant alien worlds, where terrible things slumber behind the wall of pain. The game’s played with bullets and with secrets, and they’re both equally deadly.

Our opponents in this game are cultists and monsters. Some of them are deluded pawns. Others know what they’ll unleash with their next move. If we lose the game, we lose everything. 

This 144 page softcover supplement for The Laundry rpg expands on the revelations of The Apocalypse Codex novel and sends your games hurtling towards Armageddon. Inside, you’ll find:
• External Assets, the Laundry’s deniable operations department
• Secrets of the Black Chamber
• Dossier reports on CODICIL BLACK SKULL and the Plateau of the Sleeper
• Two new adventures
and many more horrors...


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