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We offer a wide range of free samples from our various games.  Below awaits a lot of scrolling, and a lot of free stuff - previews, extracts and whole adventures!  Enjoy!

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Adventures in Middle-earth Downloads

Character sheet (colour, PDF, 2 pages)
Pregenerated characters (colour, PDF, 12 pages)
Printer friendly sheet (black and white, PDF, 2 pages)

Doctor Who Roleplaying Game

Doctor Who Character sheets.

The PDF version of the "Read this First" pamphlet from the core boxed set:

Click to download

The First Chapter of The Limited Edition Rulebook:


Click the image to download Chapter One

Previews of Defending the Earth: The UNIT Sourcebook:
PDF Previews:

Previews of The Time Traveller's Companion. Click the images to download the pdf previews:

Extracts from the Doctor Sourcebooks - these are complete write ups of The Doctor's Adventures, with the plot, stats and ideas on how to run them at your table:

Reign of terror Preview-1tmb

The Reign of Terror from The First Doctor Sourcebook


The first few pages of The Second Doctor Sourcebook


The Web of Fear from The Second Doctor Sourcebook


The Day of The Daleks from The Third Doctor Sourcebook


The Pryramids of Mars from the Fourth Doctor Sourcebook


Earthshock from The Fifth Doctor Sourcebook


Mark of the Rani from The Sixth Doctor Sourcebook
















Remembrance of the Daleks from The Seventh Doctor Sourcebook

Doctor Who: The Card Game Second Edition

The Doctor Who Card Game Second Edition

The One Ring

Update from the 2011 Slipcase Edition to the new 2014 single volume Revised Edition:The One Ring Clarifications and Amendments

New character sheet from the Revised Edition:
Form-fillable PDF character sheet:

Pre-generated TOR Characters from the core set:


Click to download the zip file

The updated and greatly expanded index for Slipcase Edition of The One Ring RPG is now available for free download.  Simply click the image to download the 19 page pdf:

Printer Friendly Version:

Slipcase Edition colour character sheet (PDF) for home printing:
Black and white character sheet (PDF) for home printing:

Extract from Darkening of Mirkwood:


Click to download the free PDF

Magical Treasure index from Rivendell:


Click to download PDF.

Background music for your TOR games on youtube.

Facebook cover images:


iPad wallpapers:

Lone Wolf Adventure Game

LWAG Blank Action Chart-300

Full Colour LWAG Action Chart

Printer Friendly Action Chart

Printer Friendly Action Chart

Hobbit Tales

Hobbit Tales Booklet-1cover300

Click to download the rules booklet pdf


Character creation summary:
Victoriana 3rd Edition Character Summary Web preview-THUMB


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Introduction to Victoriana 3rd Edition:


Click to download the free PDF

Victoriana 3rd Edition uses the 3rd Edition Heresy System.  You can read the basics from the Victoriana Core Book in this free PDF extract:

A full, free adventure for Victoriana:

spring heeled menace-Cover

Click to download the FREE Penny Dreadful "The Spring Heeled Menace".

A full adventure from Streets of Shadow:

Streets of Shadow Chapters-5

Click to download the free PDF

A complete chapter of Liber Magica, Emporium Magica:


Click to download the free PDF preview

Extract from The Concert in Flames:

CiF p1to10 thumb

Click on the image to download a PDF extract.

The Laundry

Download the first 16 pages of The Laundry RPG:

Laundry cover

Click to download the free PDF introduction

An introductory excerpt from The Mythos Dossiers:

Click the cover image to download an introductory excerpt.

An excerpt from God Game Black:

Click to download the PDF extract

An entire adventure from Unconventional Diplomacy:

Ye Liveliest Awfulness for The Laundry Thumb

Click to download "Ye Liveliest Awfulness"

World War Cthulhu

Here we present the first PDF preview of World War Cthulhu: The Darkest Hour, which features the contents page, introduction detailing the themes and focus of World War Cthulhu, and the details of the shadowy Network N:


The second preview contains excepts from the introductory material, British intelligence, character creation, and operating procedures:

Download the updated character sheet here:


Download the printer-friendly character sheet here:


Pregenerated characters:

World War Cthulhu London Character sheet: here

World War Cthulhu Cold War

Printer friendly Cold War character sheet:
Inktastic Cold War character sheet:

Cthulhu Britannica

Excerpts from Folklore:

World War Cthulhu London character sheet: here

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