Everyone is Invited to the Fun

Games are for everyone. Our games are for everyone.

Games provide an invaluable opportunity to escape the trials and pressures of day to day life. Games provide moments of unmitigated joy and companionship. Games are important.

If you're playing our games, or taking part in gaming community events, in a way that prevents someone else from having fun then you are doing it wrong.

Our hobby community will always face challenges in making sure that everyone is invited to the fun. Over the last 5 years we have quietly but consistently taken steps to ensure our games represent as many different groups of people as we can. And we never forget there's always more to do.

We are aware that some groups of people need greater encouragement and sensitivity in order to be recognised and included, and we’re happy to provide that encouragement. We quietly act on this, and have done so for years. We do so by trying to listen and trying to learn, and bringing what we’ve learned to our games.

What we will not be quiet about is abuse or poor treatment of any of our customers and gaming friends, whoever they are.

We have asked abusers to leave our stand at conventions, and have refused service to those we witnesses enacting abusive or inappropriate behaviour, and we will continue to do so.

We do our best to ensure our stands at events, our forums and social media accounts are safe spaces for everyone to enjoy. We do our utmost not to look the other way when we see inappropriate behaviour.

We cannot promise to always get it right, but we take fun seriously and do our best to uphold the values of inclusivity that we believe in.

Play games, have fun, make sure everyone is invited.

- The Cubicle 7 Team