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With Smaug the Dragon defeated and the Dwarves of Erebor returning to their ancient mansion, the land east of Mirkwood resounds once more with the din of hammer on anvil. King Bard has completed the rebuilding of Dale, City of Bells. The furnaces of the Lonely Mountain are relit, and the toy-market is reopened. Travellers, merchants and adventurers turn North once again to seek their fortunes, as hope returns to Wilderland.


Available for pre-order, and in PDF now: Erebor - The Lonely Mountain!

Packed with new information on some of the best-known locales and characters described in The Hobbit, this invaluable guide, aimed to players and Loremasters alike, describes the Dwarf-hold of Erebor, the city of Dale, the surrounding regions, and the many different activities to undertake there.

Also included are new rules for Dragons, Dwarven artefacts and the art of their making, as well as two brand-new playable cultures – The mail-clad Dwarves of the Iron Hills and the wandering Dwarves of the Grey Mountains.

Behold the majesty of The Great Chamber of Thrór, marvel at ancient tales of the War of Orcs and Dwarves, experience the hustle and bustle of the River Road in Dale, commission a smith of Anvil Way, visit the ravens and venture into The Waste. Erebor and Dale await!

03 01 Dale

Erebor - The Lonely Mountain features:

A comprehensive guide to iconic Middle-earth location The Lonely Mountain, it's places, characters and things to do.

A detailed guide to the city of Dale, it's notable locations and characters and things to do.

A detailed guide to the surround area around Erebor and Dale

Rules for creating Dragons as adversaries for One Ring Games

Rules for Dwarven artefacts and forging

Amazing cover art by John Howe

Two new playable cultures – The iron-clad Dwarves of the Iron Hills and the wandering Dwarves of the Grey Mountains.

112 pages, hard cover, full cover.
Written by: Gabriel Garcia, Andrew Kenrick, Mark A. Latham, T.S. Luikart, Francesco Nepitello, James M. Spahn and Kenneth Spencer.
Cover by John Howe
Art by Jon Hodgson, Sam Manley, and Jan Pospíšil.

All pre-orders come with a free PDF.

7 02 01 Grey Mountain Dwarf
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one ring 23-05-2016 with logos 600
Seven precious and beautifully detailed dice for your The One Ring Roleplaying Game adventures by the dice masters at Q Workshop.
These sets contains six 6-sided success dice and one 12-sided feat die.
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