Doctor Who Time Clash – in US stores today!

Today marks the 53rd Anniversary of the first episode of Doctor Who being broadcast.  And today Doctor Who Time Clash Starter Set hits US store shelves! (The UK and European release isn't far behind!)
timeclashstarterset550Doctor Who Time Clash is an asymmetric card game, designed by superstar games designer, Jeff Tidball.

It's fast, fun and has huge re-playability thanks to its modular game arcs.

Players take the side of either the Doctor or the Daleks, and each has a different way to win - the Doctor is trying to build positive points and stack the cards in a way that will favour his final cunning gambit. The Daleks are simply trying to build crushing amounts of negative points.
At the heart of Time Clash are 3 arcs, representing a Companion, a Time and an Enemy. The starter set comes with 9 of these arcs, which you can mix and match in different combinations to create different and exciting rules variations.

Adding a strategic element is the location of the Doctor - either side can move his TARDIS between the 3 arcs, activating different powers that change the rules in crucial ways.
tardis1Next year we're following up the release of Doctor Who Time Clash Starter Set with Against the Cybermen and Against the Master, featuring the 11th and 10th Doctors, each offering unique game play expansions. You'll be able to combine the card decks and arcs from each set to offer a vast range of different game options.

The Starter Set is of course the perfect place to begin your Time Clash journey and prepare you for further struggles as your favourite incarnation of the Doctor against his most fearsome enemies.

If you'd like to learn how to play, grab the rulebook PDF for free here.
Doctor Who Time Clash Starter Set retails $29.99 or £23.99.If you don't have a local games store you can order it at our web store here: http://shop.cubicle7store.com/Doctor-Who-Time-Clash-Starter-Set


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