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When designing the second edition of Doctor Who: The Card Game, one of the things we knew we wanted to include was a variant for playing the game with two players. While it’s great to be able to play a game with three or four of your mates, there are times when there’s just the two of you.

Fortunately, we didn’t have to make many adjustments to make the game play seamlessly with just two players. First up, you remove a handful of cards that require a third player (Davros, the Chameleon Arch, that sort of thing), then you start playing exactly as you normally would.

Secondly, at the end of your go, you have to hand 2 cards to your opponent (instead of 3), and then draw back up to 5 as normal. This has the effect of increasing the flow of cards, and keeping the cards you hand your opponent a little unpredictable.

If anything, the two-player variant is a much faster, frenetic affair. If you’ve already got a copy of the first edition, why not download the new rulebook and have a go with the two-player variant yourselves. And if you’ve pre-ordered the second edition, hopefully you won’t have long to wait now – we’re expecting it to be with you in November.

About Doctor Who: The Card Game

05 Doctor Who Card Game Spread

Daleks! Cybermen! Sontarans! The list of threats is endless and no place in the universe is ever truly safe from danger. But there’s one man who’s made it his mission to defend the defenceless, help the helpless, and save everyone he can. The Doctor!

Doctor Who: The Card Game is by internationally renowned designer Martin Wallace, and has been designed for both seasoned time-travelling gamers and newly regenerated players.

In Doctor Who: The Card Game you:

  • Defend the universe with the Doctor and his companions.
  • Exterminate your opponents with Daleks, Cybermen and other enemies.
  • Control locations through time and space to win.
  • Use Jammy Dodgers, Sonic Screwdrivers and other clever plans to save the day.

The second edition of Doctor Who: The Card Game features the same great game as the first edition, but with loads of new cards, including the Ninth, Tenth and Twelfth Doctors, companions such as Clara and Rose, new locations and enemies, and a set of variant rules for playing with two players!

The game contains everything you need to play: a set of English rules, 132 cards, a set of counters and a player aid card.

You can pre-order the game here, and download a PDF of the new rulebook here. Delivery expected November.


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Download a PDF of the new rulebook

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