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To start the week off, we’ve got an introductory adventure for Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space for you to download for free: Arrowdown.

In Arrowdown, what starts out as a day trip to the seaside for the Doctor and his companions takes a turn for the sinister when they discover an unexploded bomb, a rift in time and space and evidence of Torchwood involvement. Can the players work out what’s going on and save the town? Read more.


Originally included in the original Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space boxed set, we’ve updated and re-laid out Arrowdown to fit with the look and feel of the Limited Edition Rulebook – which is fitting, as it’s the adventure used in the example of play in that very book!

Arrowdown is available to download for free from RPGNow right now.

And, while you're there, make sure you check out the other Doctor Who adventures: Cat's Eye, Medicine Man and the Ravens of Despair, available in PDF from RPGNow.

About Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space

Doctor Who RPG

Doctor Who Limited Edition Core Rulebook

Imagine you could go anywhere. This world or countless others, encountering strange alien races, new cultures or hostile environments. Now imagine you could travel to any time. See the pyramids and the Sphinx (back when she had a nose!), discover who (or what) really built Stonehenge, meet the first Emperor of Japan, or travel into the far future as humanity spreads to the stars. Where would you go?

With Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, the power is in your hands! You can go anywhere or anywhen in the universe. It's not going to be easy. It'll probably be dangerous. The universe is a hostile place, full of Daleks, Slitheen, Krillitane, Sontarans, Plasmavores, Cybermen, Sycorax, Judoon and worse. There will be fear, heartbreak and excitement, but above all, it'll be the trip of a lifetime.

Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space is a roleplaying game set in the universe of the world's longest running science fiction show on TV – the BBC's Doctor Who.


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