Doctor Who Card Game Preview 7

Just before we headed off to GenCon, we received a very exciting package in the post: the print proofs for the new edition of Doctor Who: The Card Game! This was our first chance to handle the box – as well as the new counters and rulebook – as well as to see all the cards on a single sheet. Some of you might even have been lucky enough to get a sneak peek at GenCon (and share in our excitement), but for the rest of you here’s a look:

Doctor Who Print Proofs

The second edition of the Origins Award-winning Doctor Who: The Card Game is coming out in the next few months, featuring the same great game from Martin Wallace along with new card art and variant rules for playing with two players.

You can read more about the new edition in this series of previews, or see the new card art we’ve revealed so far below.



Keep an eye on the website over the coming weeks for more information about the new edition of Doctor Who: The Card Game!

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