Doctor Who – A Look Back at the Classic-Era

Yesterday we showed you the cover to the forthcoming Ninth Doctor Sourcebook, which is heading out to subscribers soon.

With the Ninth Doctor, we’re firmly into the modern era of Doctor Who – so we thought it high time we took a look back at the classic era of Doctor Who, and the first seven Doctor Sourcebooks.

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Each of the Doctor Sourcebooks takes an in-depth look at an incarnation of the Doctor, featuring his companions, enemies, allies, gadgets and more. We present each of his adventures, giving an overview of the action and themes, exploring how you can use them in your games. We also give you suggestions for further adventures based on the events depicted.

As well as being packed with information for use in your games, the books are full of images from that Doctor’s incarnation, and are a wonderful fan resource for the show’s history. We’ve even kept the first two in black and white to stay true to the feel of the show!

To get a flavour for what you can expect to find in each book, we have a free episode write-up from each of the sourcebooks, which you can download below or from our Free Samples and Downloads page. Here you’ll also find loads of other great resources for the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game, from character sheets and book extracts, and more besides.

Reign of terror Preview-1tmb

The Reign of Terror


Second Doctor Sourcebook


The Web of Fear


The Day of The Daleks from 


The Pryramids of Mars




Mark of the Rani 


Remembrance of the Daleks  

The first seven Doctor Sourcebooks are all available in stores worldwide now. The Eighth Doctor Sourcebook, featuring not only the Eighth Doctor's televised adventures but also a complete campaign, is available to pre-order now and in PDF.


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