Cubicle 7 at Gencon 2012

Gencon 2012 is almost upon us, and our preparations are at fever pitch!

In attendance we'll have Dominic McDowall Thomas, Jon Hodgson, Gar Hanrahan, Walt Ciechanowski,Andrew Peregrine, Gareth-Michael Skarka, as well as our hand picked squad of trusted helpers, GMs and demonstrators. Additionally we're playing host to our special guests Moon Design and The Design Mechanism.  It's the prefect time to come and meet the creators of some of your favourite gaming material, try out something new, and pick up the great new games and books we will be debuting at the event.

Cubicle 7 is at booth 125 with all your old favourites, and lots of new stuff:


    • The launch of The Doctor Who Card Game, designed by Martin Wallace
    • For The One Ring, we have TWO new supplements - Tales from Wilderland and The Loremaster's Screen and Lake-town Sourcebook
    • New Eleventh Doctor Edition of the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space RPG
    • Brand New Game: Primeval - Dinosaurs, apocalypse and time travel, based on the hit TV show
    • Brand New Game:  Yggdrasill - norse adventure from the makers of Qin: The Warring States
    • The Gloranthan Renaissance - Sartar: Kingdom of HeroesSartar Companion and Pavis: Gateway to Adventure for HeroQuest
    • RuneQuest 6 - we're hosting Design Mechanism and their new edition of this much-loved classic

This year is a special one for Cubicle 7 CEO Dominic McDowall-Thomas as he has been invited as an Industry Insider Guest of Honour.  As a Guest of Honour, Dom will be on a number of panels about games and the gaming industry.  Here's his schedule in full:

SEM1238028 The Art of the Pitch
Thursday 11am Location: ICC Room 210

Advice for newbies in the field from those who have been around the block. Common misconceptions on how the industry works, & how to avoid the biggest mistakes when sending in submissions & proposals. If you're a new writer, editor or game designer this panel is for you!
Panellists: James Ernest, Jess Hartley, Dominic McDowall-Thomas, Christina Stiles

SEM1238031 How To Publish A Game Without Going Broke
Thursday 3pm Location: ICC Room 210
Publishing your own game used to mean shelling out thousands of dollars for a huge print run and art, and still risk never earning your money back. Not any more. This panel goes beyond Kickstarter, we'll talk about everything from motivation to finish the game to how to source printers.
Panellists: James Ernest, Dominic McDowall-Thomas, Elizabeth Shoemaker Sampat, Gareth-Michael Skarka

SEM1238045 Evolution Of A Game Line
Saturday 3pm Location: ICC Room 210
What makes a successful RPG game line?  Our Industry Insiders give you the inside scoop.
Panellists: Dominic McDowall-Thomas, Richard Thomas, Rodney Thompson, James Wyatt

SEM1238057 GM Tips
Friday 1pm Location: ICC Room 211
Our Industry Insider guests give GMing 101 advice on how you can improve your game. An open discussion and Q&A, so bring your questions!
Panellists: Tavis Allison, T.S. Luikart, Dominic McDowall-Thomas, Rodney Thompson 

SEM1238055 The International RPG Scene
Friday 11am Location: ICC Room 211
There are thriving RPG scenes in outside North America. Come find out from our Industry Insiders on what's up, what's innovative, and what's scandalous.
Panellists: Dominic McDowall-Thomas, Jason Morningstar

All of these seminars sound fantastic to us, so be sure to come along and check them out!

See you at The Four Best Days in Gaming! Indy Gencon 2012!


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