Cubicle 7 and the Lone Wolf Solo Gamebooks

Hello everybody, Dom speaking.
I've had to make a very difficult decision. It is with a very heavy heart that I have to tell you that Cubicle 7 will not be publishing Joe Dever's Lone Wolf solo gamebooks.

Over-committing is one of the big dangers of companies our size, and I’ve had to take a hard look at what we’re planning to make sure that we’re not falling into that trap. As the solo gamebook project has unfolded I have become increasingly uncomfortable with our ability to give Joe's amazing work the publishing home it deserves. I am a life-long fan of Joe’s books, and I realise I've acted with my heart rather than my head in taking them on.

I am determined that Cubicle 7 always does the best possible job with every product we release, and if we’re spread too thinly we won’t be able to maintain that quality. I feel it would be fairest to everyone to stop before we begin, rather than risk getting part way through the series and letting everyone down.

Our primary focus for Lone Wolf is the Adventure Game, and I want all our energy to go into making that the best it can be. The Lone Wolf Adventure Game is entirely unaffected by this decision.

We will be in contact with those of you who pre-ordered to arrange a refund, or a credit note with some additional value by way of apology.

I’m very sorry for the disappointment this announcement will cause, it certainly wasn’t an easy call to make but I feel it is a necessary one.

Dominic McDowall
CEO, Cubicle 7 Entertainment Limited

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