C7 Artist Spotlight: Rich Longmore

Peter Pan by Rich Longmore from Shadows over Scotland

Cubicle 7 Art director Jon Hodgson writes:
Rich Longmore has worked with Cubicle 7 for as long as I have.  Unbreakably reliable, his sharp and stylish line work forms the perfect counterpoint to our heavier painted styles, and I love how it breaks up a book with its change of pace.  Whilst just today I've had some marvellous work in from Rich for a forthcoming Cthulhu Britannia book, the piece I'm going to highlight here is actually my single favourite piece of C7 art that I have commissioned.  It comes from Stuart Boon's Shadows Over Scotland, for Cthulhu Britannia.  Briefing artists can be a funny old business.  What seems simple when conveyed in the written word can make for pieces of art which can potentially be incredibly complex and time consuming to create.

Depicting a performance of Peter Pan could have been just such a piece.  When we read of such a subject our mind's eye very quickly fills in a huge amount of detail - the audience, a darkened theatre, the lights on stage, scenery, performers in costume and so on.  This delightful illustration of just that subject by Rich wouldn't be out of place in a children's book.  It has a real charm to it, and opening up emails with treasures like this one inside really makes the job of art director a joy.

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