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Avalon, the first supplement for Keltia, is available to pre-order at our webstore now. Avalon contains four new adventures for Keltia, as well as more information about the supernatural and the sacred in Ynys Prydein, including background more about the Other World and the fair folk, the People of the Wind.

All pre-orders come with a complimentary copy of the PDF version. The PDF is available right now, the print copy is expected Summer 2015. Pre-order at our webstore, at your local games store, or pick up the PDF version now.


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After the release of the Keltia Core Rulebook, we know many of you have been clamouring for more Keltia goodness. Well, we've just finished up work on the first supplement, Avalon, so rather than hold onto it any longer we thought we'd get it into your hands right away! With many of you starting a new Keltia game already, and with the adventures in this book - not to mention all the extra stuff about the People of the Wind, Avalon and  - you'll have more than enough to keep you busy!

Avalon greatly expands on the information about magic and myth found in the core rulebook, and plenty more besides. The supplement journeys to two sacred centres of the Old Religion, the isles of Avalon and Kêr Is. It also delves into the mysterious Other World, its people, the mythical People of the Wind, and their supernatural powers.

As well as plenty of new background information, Avalon provides loads of new spells. It also includes a series of potent relics, from the Cauldron of Bran ap Lyr to the Twin Spears of Diarmuid, that your own heroes might one day discover. And they're going to need them too, to face new monsters such as the fearsome Lycanthrope, Gwrgi Garwlywd, or the giant, savage-looking Buggane.

Avalon also features four new scenarios too. Three of these can be played as one-shots or included in a campaign, whilst the third scenario, ‘The Sacred Sword’, is the continuation of the Arthurian campaign that began in the Keltia Core Rulebook.


In this black & white, softcover supplement, you will find:

  • The People of the Wind, the Tylwyth Teg, their powers and their king.
  • The Old Ones.
  • Avalon and Kêr Is, two sacred centres of the Old Religion.
  • New spells and treasures.
  • New creatures.
  • Three scenarios that can be played as one-shots or included in a campaign.
  • ‘The Sacred Sword’, the continuation of the Arthurian campaign that began in the Keltia Core Rulebook.

Avalon is written by Neko, Florrent, Antoine Bouet, Yanick Porchet and Thibault Daprement, art by Antonio Jose Manzanedo Luis, Jerome Huguenin, Antoine Bouet, Florrent and Xavier Colette.

All copies of Avalon come with a complementary PDF. Pre-orders at participating Bits & Mortar stores are also eligible for a free PDF version.


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