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Covert insertion, a HALO drop into enemy territory. There are some things the spooks can’t handle, some problems that can only be resolved through superior firepower.

An emergency committee meeting in an anonymous briefing room. The shuffle of papers, the murmur of voices. The minister wants a proposal on his desk by 9, but no one knows what’s really at stake.

As Above, So Below – the latest supplement for The Laundry Roleplaying Game, the game where you play civil servants tasked with protecting the United Kingdom from the Mythos – is on sale from today in US gaming stores, on our webstore and in PDF format from DriveThruRPG. As Above, So Below is two supplements in one, covering both gaming the machinations of the politicians in Mahogany Row, and playing the Special Forces operatives tasked with carrying out their orders.


About As Above, So Below

When the going gets tough, the Laundry calls in the professionals. This sourcebook gives rules and guidelines on incorporating special forces missions into your games of The Laundry Roleplaying Game. The spies have done their grubby work – now it’s time for the SAS to drop in and put down the alien horrors with courage and high explosives. Visit alien dimensions and the most remote, unfriendly regions of our own world, meet interesting locals, and kill them before they kill you.

The decisions that matter aren’t made in the field – they're made in conference calls, in committee meetings. This sourcebook add a political dimension to your games of The Laundry Roleplaying Game, letting the players climb the ladder of promotion and take charge. Management isn't always a bad thing – it's power by another name, and bargains with ministers and Auditors work just like bindings with eldritch entities. Sorcery is the continuation of politics by other means.

Two sourcebooks in one, exploring two very different facets of the Laundry. The military, and the political. The sharp end, and the hand that guides. As above, so below.

This 128-page, black and white, softcover supplement contains:

  • Background on Special Forces organisations.
  • Rules for creating Special Forces characters.
  • Advice for running Special Forces scenarios, including Occult Engagement Protocols.
  • Advice for running Political Games, including rules for promotion, mentors and committee meetings.
  • A new mini-game for playing high-level meetings.
  • Three new scenarios, using the new play-styles introduced in the book.

As Above, So Below is written by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, Martin Dougherty, Jason Keeley, WJ MacGuffin, cover by Malcolm McClinton and illustrated by Jon Hodgson and Scott Purdy.

You can buy As Above, So Below at your local games store now. Stores participating in the Bits and Mortar scheme also come with a complementary PDF. As Above, So Below is also available to order from our webstore too. All orders come with a complementary PDF copy.

You can also buy As Above, So Below now at Drivethru RPG.


About the Laundry RPG


The Laundry Roleplaying Game is based on the novels by Charles Stross. In the game, you play officers of the Laundry, that eccentric and underfunded agency dedicated to protecting the United Kingdom from unthinkable horrors. The Laundry uses the Basic Roleplaying System - the same system that powers the classic Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game (so you can easily convert adventures from one game to the other). As Laundry staff, you're trained to deal with the weird and ghastly spawn of the Mythos, you're equipped with the best equipment your committee-approved mission budget can buy, and you've got back-up on call from the SAS.

All of that means you're only terrifyingly underprepared, as opposed to completely screwed, when the shoggoth hits the fan.


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