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Today we're taking a look at some of the art in the newly unleashed Unconventional Diplomacy for The Laundry. Cubicle 7 Staff artist Scott Purdy handled illustration duties on this supplement and we've given him free rein to pick which 3 pieces he enjoyed making the most:

Three Laundry Agents walk into a coffee shop and.... what, wha.. wth?

Finding a room filled with weird items and relics in a modern room was a cool image to illustrate. I don't think the The Laundry agents were expecting this.

Sparkleponies? I had no idea what they were before I read this mission briefing.. I got the opportunity to draw them tearing someone apart, lucky me 🙂

About Unconventional Diplomacy

The latest supplement for The Laundry RPGUnconventional Diplomacy comprises six SAN-challenging adventures, each with a distinctly international flavour.

The Laundry is a secret branch of the British Civil Service, dedicated to protecting the United Kingdom against Horrors from Beyond. In your time in the Laundry, you've seen your share of terrible, frightening documents: grimoires bound in human skin, soul-eating computer code, ISO9001 compliance assessments. None, though, are as terrifying as the thing sitting on your desk.

It's a plane ticket. The Laundry's budgets are more tightly bound than a summoned shoggoth. If they're paying for your flights, then something hellish is about to happen overseas, and you're in the firing line.

THE SCRAMBLE FOR BURANDA – Three British aid workers vanish in Africa, right on the border of the isolationist nation of Buranda. Getting them home is your secondary objective. The primary mission is to clear up a very old loose end and recover the fabled Dagger of the Bloody Tongue – and avoid an international incident while doing so.

CASE ARSON SPARKLEPONY – Something weird is about to happen at the Burning Man festival, according to the precognitives over at Predictive Branch. That means, one, Predictive Branch is as much use as a chocolate heat sink on an over-clocked summoning grid, and two, it's time for a jaunt to the United States. Just try to stay out of the Black Chamber's unblinking gaze.

LEGACY CODE – In old institutions like the Laundry, you don't just get pilloried for your own mistakes. The errors and failures of all those who have gone before land on your desk. Some eldritch entity just filed the mother of all bug reports. Time for some tech support with extreme prejudice.

POCKET FULL OF PRIAPUS – One of your co-workers ran into a spot of bother in France, and is currently sitting in a jail cell in Paris. For various reasons, this needs to be kept quiet and under the radar of our European Partners. Could you just pop over, clear his name and close his case for him, there's a good chap?

DARKNESS BEYOND OUR WORLD – Jeremy Walshe works for the Laundry. Jeremy Walshe was supposed to fly home from Washington today. He didn't get on the plane, and he's got a head full of secrets that need to be secured. Fly out, find him, and get him back to the UK before anything eats his brain. What can possibly go wrong?

YE LIVELIEST AWFULNESS – Earlier this afternoon, the police helped eject a troublemaking nuisance from the US embassy in London. Crazy cranks are ten a penny these days, but three things about this guy stand out. First, he was raving about gods and monsters. Second, he vanished soon after being kicked out. And third, he said his name was Howard Philips Lovecraft…

Unconventional Diplomacy for The Laundry RPG - available now for pre-order and in PDF. 120 pages, written by Jack Graham, Paul L. Mathews, WJ McGuffin, Brian Nisbet and Gareth Ryder Hanrahan, illustrated by Malcolm McClinton and Scott Purdy.  Available now.


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