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Kuro Tensei is the final part of the Kuro trilogy. We're closing in on its PDF release, so now seems like a good time to share the introduction. We hope you agree it's massively intriguing!
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We revealed much in Kuro and Makkura, about the horrors that have beset Japan and the war that is being fought in secret on the streets. In Tensei, we detail the final truth of the ancient battle between the forces of the Kami and the horror of the demonic Magagoto.

December 2046. Seven months into the blockade, Japan has just weathered the highest level of supernatural activity since the appearance of the Kamikaze. A mysterious island, Ryugu, has risen from the depths of the Pacific Ocean, appearing off the coast of Shin-Edo amidst typhoons and a red storm. With the island’s appearance, the gates of Yomi-No-Kuni opened once and for all, disgorging unto the world torments caged for too long in the grey lands of death.

To counter this tide of tainted creatures, of vile oni and demented Yokaiyosai, the Emperor of Japan left Shin-Edo for Kyoto and called upon the incandescent powers of Amaterasu. Drawing on the purity of the sun goddess, reincarnated in the Emperor, he slowed down evil and wove a monumental barrier around the archipelago, a titanic kekkai, moving Japan to a separate dimension and preventing anyone from entering or leaving. Now the Land of the Rising Sun is not only cut off from the rest of the world but from reality itself. The international blockade no longer has any hold on the country, incapable of approaching its shores, rendered inaccessible by the magic of Amaterasu’s heir.

Following these events, many humans have been revealed to be Potentials, descendants of kami. While some reject their heritage, others accept their fate, choosing to die to finally fulfil their destiny.

When Tensei begins, all the chosen, the Potentials who have crossed the threshold of the red storm, have become keshin, incarnations in whom ujigami, historic kami – warriors, mages and duellists – have chosen to invest their powers. As a final snub to the dark creatures of Yomi, the kami have – using the last of their strength – created an army of warriors, humans gifted with mystical techniques and the superhuman power granted by the cosmic energy of Ki. Whether or not they took part in the struggle that led to the resurrection of Ryugu Island, all characters now have the abilities of their ancestors and the power of the gods.

From now on they are no longer ordinary individuals confronted by supernatural horrors; they are true heroes, fighters, charged with shutting down the gates of Yomi and destroying its monsters once and for all. Armed with Ki swords, onmyoji incantations, destructive o-fuda, they make up the new army of the Emperor. Elite warriors running over the rooftops of futuristic capitals, destroying genetic aberrations possessed by tortured spirits and countering the attacks of Izumo’s dark soldiers. This book contains all the rules for moving characters from Kuro to Tensei, along with their new powers and abilities. You will also find an overview of Japan, now deep in an occult war, as well as new formidable enemies and three scenarios. The first scenario was written to carry the story on from Makkura, to allow the Gamemaster to integrate new characters, or even to start a new campaign with Tensei.

About Kuro

The year is 2048, and something dark has returned to Japan. With an international blockade set up around the beleaguered country, there is no escape. To ignore the horror will only delay the inevitable, but do you have the strength to face the nightmares?

Kuro is a developing game setting that mixes a dark near future with Japanese horror, from the designers of Qin The Warring States, Keltia and Yggdrasill.

The first supplement, Makkura, follows as events continue to unfold in the aftermath of the Kuro incident.  Kuro Tensei brings the unfolding arc to a devastating conclusion.

Learn more about Kuro and it's system: http://cubicle7.co.uk/our-games/kuro/

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