Adventures in Middle-earth 5e

Got a sudden urge to explore Middle-earth? Can't find a group to try a bespoke system like The One Ring Roleplaying Game? Then Adventures in Middle-earth is for you!

Adventures in Middle-earth brings you all the incredible flavour we packed into The One Ring, but using the 5e ruleset you're familiar with. We've created Middle-earth specific Classes and Races (renamed "Cultures"), and provided a suite of optional rules that bring Middle-earth to your gaming table.

There's a rapidly expanding library of supplementary materials that adds more to your campaign, from adventures to additional rules options, new playable cultures, maps, and more.

To get a flavour of how it all works, the introductory scenario Eaves of Mirkwood is available in PDF now for just $9.99.

It comes with pre-generated characters, maps, and features streamlined versions of the Adventures in Middle-earth rules.  It's the perfect package to introduce a new group to the game.

Eaves of Mirkwood is a self-contained adventure, which should take roughly three hours to play, depending on your group's style. Perfect for a single evening's gaming session.

The great part is, if you want to try out Adventures in Middle-earth you don't need the Adventures in Middle-earth Player's Guide or Loremaster's Guide to run it. They would certainly be useful, but if you want to try out Adventures in Middle-earth for the first time, you just need the 5e rules.
Find out more about Adventures in Middle-earth here.

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