Yggdrasill – Kings of the Sea: Available in PDF now


Kings of the Sea for Yggdrasill is now available as a PDF

Kings of the Sea is also available for pre-order at our web store ! All pre-orders come with a complimentary PDF.

I have been a helmsman
and a forecastle-man
and a leader
of all the warriors.

Völsa þáttr stanza 12

In this supplement for Yggdrasill, our Norse heroes take to the sea in search of the coveted title ‘Saekonungar’ – King of the Sea! Pirate or trader, mercenary or master of your own ship, captain or pilot, the northern seas offer themselves up to those brave enough to claim their destiny, drawn by the salt smell of the wind and the crack of the sails.

In this supplement you will find:

  • New professions linked to the sea.

  • Information on the ships of Scandia.

  • Rules for naval combat.

  • Background on the neighbouring peoples, including the Angles and the Finns.

  • The genealogy of the kingdoms of the north during the Yggdrasillcampaign.

  • An overview of the ongoing events across the kingdoms of Scandia.

  • The continuation of the epic Yggdrasill campaign.

  • A stand-alone adventure that can be used on its own or as an interlude in the campaign.

Kings of the Sea!
Here legends are born!

Kings of the Sea is a 96 page softcover book with black and white interior, written by Neko,  Florrent, with adventures by: Kristoff Valla.  Art is by Marc Simonetti, Jérôme Huguenin and Florrent.

Take a look through the pages of Kings of the Sea in this handy video flip-through:

About Yggdrasill


Yggdrasill is a roleplaying game of Norse adventures in a mythical Scandinavia. Become a hero in the Scandia of legend – intrigue, combat, quests, magic and mythic creatures await!

As heroes questing for adventure, glory, or immortality, you’ll take part in great battles from the snowbound plains of Jylland to the courts of kings. Perhaps your characters will be recognised by Odin the Formidable himself and taken to his feasting hall in Valhalla to prepare for the Last Battle between the Giants and the Gods – Ragnarök itself!

Mercenary or hirdmen, berserker or noble, prophetess or sorcerer, fate will guide you through frozen fjords, deep seas and monster-haunted forests. Skalds will sing of your exploits for centuries to come!

Heroes of the North! Your legend starts here!

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